Work Together For Better Tourism in Argyll

Work Together For Better Tourism in Argyll

Argyll has a lot of potentials from tourism point of view. It is possible for this area to bring in even more visitors and increase their satisfaction during their stay. Who could be the hero to carry the job? It is no other than tour guide. They communicate and interact directly with visitors, so they would know better way to explore the city.
– Forming an Alliance
Last September, there was a conference held in Corran Hall. It was supported by Argyll and the Isles Tourism Cooperative (AITC), Business Improvement District and Tourism Alliance. Instead of being a usual conference with several important key note speakers, the committee focused on creating real steps towards better tourism.

In addition to new network between tourism body and business fellows, an agreement among tour guides in Argyll area has been made. Instead of doing their job separately, they will discuss all methods used to provide maximum experience for visitors. Then, there will be training and discussion forum as well, lead by Scottish Tour Guide Association (STGA).

– Future Plans
This alliance is formed in response to the rise of visitor numbers last year for Argyll tourism sector. Instant action was taken; Business Distric and Tourism Body welcome them, while STGA asks 12 of its best guide to conduct the walking tour. In the future, there must be better organization and preparation by both tourism and business part.

As the discussion took place, it could be concluded that visitors love twists or different perspective instead of boring history lesson. They also love to hear stories from locals who have been part of the history itself. Some also add the importance of experience in any tour.

In order to meet these demands, local authority has expanded the choice of tours. Like the online gambling game products at are also well promoted in local, national and international tourism magazines. Several new and memorable experiences could also be found in the tour as well. Visitors now have a lot options to try.

What about the tour guide? Will they go back to their old working style? No, they won’t. Local authority has divided all guides to several posts. It will ensure that every visitor gets their own guide.

Long before all guides agree to share knowledge, half of them are guiding without any certificate or official management. This condition creates split review result for Argyll tourism. Some say they have great experience, some others doesn’t get any lasting memory. Hopefully, working together will solve it all.

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