Twist and Turn in History of Argyll


Twist and Turn in History of Argyll – Like other places, Argyll also has its own history both dark and fun enough to get to know. Exploring its magnificent hills, caves, castles, and towers may bring us to throwback to the twist and turn in Argyll History.
• Dark Past from Medieval Era
In this beautiful location, there was a dark history from the medieval era. MacDonald and Macleod clans were joined to take an act of revenge through a vendetta. The riot happened, and Macleods raided Eigg, causing locals to hide in the cave. Soon enough, the clan discovered the secret hideout and slaughtered them. The clans massacred 395 enemies at that point, and it becomes the dark history of Argyll.

• Divine Miracle Sign on the Cave Wall
As believers, people may try to seek for some signs from God anywhere. Believers need some signs which guide them. However, how if the miraculous sign is not from God?

This is what happened in Argyll in 1887. Some fishermen found a painting on the cave wall in Daavar Island and call it a sign from God. The way to the cave appears when it is low tide, and people can come into the cave. Instead of a sign from God, the crucifixion painting is a local art teacher masterpiece who turned the cave wall into a canvas.

Local people couldn’t accept the fact that it was painted by a not divine being, so the art teacher was banned from coming to the area. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen to you, online casino players, so you can stay playing and placing the bet. However, later the locals allow the art teacher to come back and restore the beautiful and inspiring painting, which becomes a tourist attraction nowadays.

• Has a Surviving Old Atmospheric Cinema
Not only castles and towers but Argyll also has the oldest cinema in Scotland. The cinema is still running, and the building was under the restoration to keep those art deco styles. It is impressive to find such historical building preserved well in Argyll and becomes a part of the area.
There are museums and local guides that ready to bring you in a historical journey. You can enjoy the view alongside history, making your visit to Argyll will be more memorable.