New Food Festival in Argyll

New Food Festival in Argyll – Talking about food festival, people might not be as excited about it. Many food festivals adapt similar concept; bringing over food truck or restaurant to crowd point. Sooner or later, people will not be able to enjoy this kind of festival. Is there any new concept to try?

– Friday: Gin & Gym Day
First day of the food festival is opened with a tasty gin. Jura and Lussa brand is the most famous one in the island. Don’t miss your chance to have a sip. There will be a special session to have a closer look on gin making process. If you are lucky, you will get a cup of gin paired with venison and shellfish in juniper style. This experience is guaranteed to be as delicious as winning online poker jackpot in here.

Looking for something active to do? Then head to Machrie Hotel. The staff will gladly introduce you to Fat Biking Experience. Rest if you are tired. An original roasting coffee shop could be found on your way home. Still want to do some sightseeing? Continue the biking route to beach. After you come back, don’t miss the opportunity to try local food.

– Saturday: Market Day
If there is food, there must be people who want to go shopping. Don’t worry, Argyll food festival get you covered. Market day is split into two locations: Bowmore Square and Harbor Inn. Stalls are opened for costumer from 10 am till 4 pm. Expect to find locally produced vegetable, meat, coffee, seafood, meals and pre cooked foods.

Have you decided to go to Harbor Inn? Then be prepared to get drunk. Here, there will be a parade of tempting beverages. Say all of the names; wine, rum, ale, gin, cocktail; each of them is available. What makes thing more special is the food journalist, who will share mixing tips and demonstrate it for you.

– Sunday: Experience Day
Main course of the day is seafood feast. You will enjoy seafood platter and cuisines. Best local products will be cooked and sold as well. Top star on Sunday will be freshly caught scallops. If you dare, you could pick scallop by yourself.

Where could you find a tour of food for the whole week? Go and try Argyll latest food festival. This year, it was held on Friday to Sunday, 20 to 22 September 2019. Next year it might be held in similar date as well. This food festival brings food to another level and enjoyment to the tip of your ear.

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