Finally, Argyll Rally

Finally, Argyll Rally

Finally, Argyll Rally – Those who like to watch car rallies may or may not know the difficulties or build great rallies. Usually includes great players, great supporters and extraordinary crew. Would you imagine what kind of difficulties Mull’s Car Club members had to experience in their early years?

About Mull Car Club
The long list of events managed by them illustrates their professionalism at work. Not only providing human resources and communication devices, Mull Car Club also participated as a crew in the event.

There is a big possibility for you to be surprised after knowing one fact. Around 2011, Mull Car Club did not have a competent crew. They are just a group of people who like to get together and know a thing or two about it. However, this handicap did not stop them from managing the Argyll Rally.
At that time, there was no support from any major champions or sponsors. They just run general meetings as they know. Of course, their brave efforts attract media attention. In the end, it took a total of eight years to bring Argyll Rally to the 2017 edition of the British Rally Calendar.

Return of Argyll Rally
If there is a prize for extraordinary and ongoing support for Argyll Rally, it must be given to local businesses and people. They know how important this Rally is to their area and decide to help during preparations and events. Argyll Rally gets back on track, with new challenges and classic routes.

Thanks to the British Rally Calendar, famous names such as Euan Thornburn and Paul Beaton have visited the track and won trophies. From now on, many famous racers will head to Argyll and conquer it. In 2019, a General Meeting will be held on June 22. At least 35 racers try to compete in 11 different classes.
In addition to an interesting track, players can also enjoy the hospitality of the locals. They always smile and are ready to help. Be careful when meeting Peacekeepers. These people will really bite people who commit crimes.

Many people say a good team makes good results. The Mull Car Club crew might turn the tables. They may not be the best in their field, but they have great loyalty and endurance. For years, they followed the Argyll Rally before finding their way back to fame. Congratulations to all teams!

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