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Yes, it is negligent – and if AISTP …

Comment posted on Emergence of Kintyre and Gigha Marketing Group completes Argyll and the Isles jigsaw by Scots Renewables

Yes, it is negligent – and if AISTP is a genuine marketing group with real marketing expertise then it should not have happened.

It does not inspire confidence.

Randak are almost certainly not bandits, but I do wonder why they have chosen to retain control of the domain name in question. This would not have happened if AISTP had chosen to use one of the many highly professional Argyll-based web companies.

Hopefully Randak will fix this now it has been pointed out.

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  • Just to keep people up to date . . .

    Still NO RESPONSE from OLTA to my company’s application to join

    Looks like Linda’s post above is just so much hot air and that OLTA is still a closed shop, part of that cosy club we were talking about . . .

  • Well, the short online form was filled in four days ago and no response so far.

    Yesterday I e-mailed OLTA to ask them to e-mail me a copy of the application form, but still no response.

  • Oh, and there is

    Another one . . . with a different water/hill/island logo. This one is registered to a company based in Falkirk and Dundee.

  • Thanks Linda.

    Application form now filled in.

  • Pole Position,

    Sorry for not making it clear that you are a local company . . . I certainly recognise that you are, as you say, very local. Thanks also for indicating that perhaps OLTA is not the closed shop it once was. I will look into this further.

    As you know our companies have co-operated in the past and hopefully will do again. As you point out, we also share some clients. My comments were not intended to snipe at you. I was merely pointing out that in the nine years we have been operating in Argyll we have been given the impression that as far as publicly funded work goes it is a closed shop.

    No-one was suggesting that you were in any way responsible for this state of affairs, and no-one can blame you for taking advantage of a long-standing close relationship with OLTA.

    I trust this makes it plain that my beef is with OLTA, with AISTP, with Business Gateway and with any other organisation with access to public funding whose procurement processes are less than transparent.

    What, honestly, is your opinion of AISTP, its logo, website and marketing strategies? Is it being run by the best people, is it effective, is it going anywhere . . .

    And re. co-operation and collaberation between web development companies in Argyll – what are your views on the recently set up Argyll Web Development Association? (AWDA). Do you see a role for this type of organisation?

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  • Russell admits vehicle element of former Dunoon ferry was indeed publicly funded
    A threnody is a song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.

    Quite appropriate. The promise that was the original ForArgyll is indeed quite dead.

    I think I will stick to the Cowal Courier from now on. That’s a proper news site that seems to have your measure.

    Toodle pip!

  • Russell admits vehicle element of former Dunoon ferry was indeed publicly funded
    Oh do cheer up Newsroom! The hybrid ferries are non-military ships being built on the Clyde. Surely something to cheer about?

    Re. your concerns about staff training – I think you will find that staff require retraining whenever a new vessel is brought into service . . . each boat is different.

    And please do stop all this ‘we hear rumours’ rubbish. No-one believes you. Come up with facts and their sources like a real journalist or stop smearing doom and gloom. Less fuel is less fuel. And the new ferries are also designed to have lower maintenance costs.

    Now, here’s some more potential good news on the ship technology front for Scotland . . . CMAL has been commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for Scottish Enterprise to evaluate the technical and commercial possibilities of using hydrogen fuel cells to power zero emission ferries. If this goes ahead it could put Scotland at the forefront of another new technology, with the consequent design, development and manufacturing of hybrid engines being located here. Great news – though I expect ForArgyll will want to talk it down.

  • New Mobile Theme for
    The mobile version isn’t triggered by my iPad, which is a good thing – but it does come up in an iPhone emulator I tried.

    Strangely enough specific mobile versions of websites (as opposed to apps – which are here to stay) may be a relatively short-lived phenomenon. As bandwidth on phones increases dramatically and most displays become HD 1024 pixels wide or more so standard websites become more and more useable. I don’t come across many that don’t display well on the iPad.

    A mobile version was far more essential on older 320 pixel devices like Nokias, but these will die out. The non-mobile version of this site (for example) is quite useable on a new smartphone once it is rotated horizontally.

    Apps that do specific things on mobile devices are another matter – they are definitly here to stay. And for blog sites like this the mobile version definitley increases useability (but see below).

    Some feedback – I couldn’t view the comments on the mobile version, but I was using an emulator rather than an actual smartphone. Can other people view and post comments OK on the new mobile site using an iPhone or Andriod phone?

  • Clyde shipyards at risk – news by year end
    Just testing the comments function on the mobile version of the site.

    (Using an online iPhone emulator)

  • Scottish Conservatives underline common ownership of Saltire
    It is Scottish Labour that really needs to up its game dramatically if it wants to keep a credible presense in Holyrood in the 2016 election. What Ruthie and the Scottish Conservative Party do is of little relevance.

    According to Newsnet Scotland a recent poll shows Westminster voting intentions in Scotland as:

    SNP 39%
    Labour 33%
    Conservative 16%
    LibDem 6%
    Others 7%

    If this doesn’t ring alarm bells for Labour nothing will.

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