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I’ll clarify: was talking about microclimate alteration around …

Comment posted Karl Hughes: impacts of the proposed Tiree Array and divorce from the natural world by Stephen mackenzie.

I’ll clarify: was talking about microclimate alteration around existing large wind farms, not how the pylons are secured, though accurate info on that would be interesting too.

Though, seriously, an anatomically correct illustration of a turbine that you don’t actually know how it will be secured to the seafloor is in fact a guess. And makes me very sceptical about the rest of the illustration.

The turbulence of the skerryvore waters and the state of the seabed sound like genuine problems. Well done. If you can avoid mixing those up with climate change denialism and statistically naive claims about Irish renewables people might start to take you seriously.

As for the name, yes Tiree Array is a better, geographically accurate name. However that’s not what the promoters of the project call it. Surely it’s best to reduce confusion to a minimum by using consistent terms of reference?

Stephen mackenzie also commented

  • …and yet it moves.

    Mind you, I concur with the point about SPR’s website. The information is sparse to say the least. And I agree that they should be a lot more forthcoming, especially with a project of this scale and impact.

  • Happy to accept those points, Karl.
  • So you’re not deliberately calling it by a different name so that all web searches on that name hit “anti” pages? Good. Because that would be disingenuous and patronising.

    It’s Malcolm Kirk who keeps going on about Irish renewable generation as if it was relevant to Scottish generation–and wilfully ignoring well-meaning attempts to set him straight on, you know, the facts. You have been reading his comments, haven’t you? I assumed you two were associated in some way–apologies if not. Outfits likes SPR will not respond to cranky stuff like that. You have to be careful to only make claims that are actually true.

    I have no reason to doubt that SPR are being awkward and unreasonable, this is what developers do all over the world. However, they are there and in a position of power. If you want to communicate with them you will have to learn their language.

    I’m not sure you understand what a theory is. Denying climate change is very convenient if you’re opposed to big renewable developments, but you have to deny an awful lot of basic science to make it stick. Don’t think that’s going to work.

  • It’s not the flatness of the seabed south of Tiree that counts, it’s the relative shallowness of the water.

    Maybe SPR would be more amenable to asking questions about the Array if protesters were willing to use it’s given name.

    There must be similar developments in the waters around Denmark. Has anyone checked what happens around them?

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