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It is correct to state that subsidies cover …

Comment posted Major environmental groups seriously compromised by wind developers’ cash by Lowry.

It is correct to state that subsidies cover other energy provision. However, when considered by installed megawatt or, as that’s being generous as it doesn’t take into account load factor, delivered megawatt, wind energy is by far the most subsidised.

Also, other energies do not pay FiTs, are not based on private land and do not industrialise such huge areas of our outstanding national beauty.

Lowry also commented

  • I am opposed to all wind farms – very heavily subsidised and inefficient industrialisation of our environment.

    I am an environmentalist and it took me some time to realise the hypocrisy on this so called “green economy”. I was appalled at Lovelock’s stance on nuclear energy but have finally realised why he made such a statement.

  • I am not a Trump supporter due to the devastation his project has brought to the SSSI. However, whilst his evidence to the Scottish Parliamentary committee may have amused some, one thing he mentioned was correct. Scotland is 20 years behind others with regard to renewable energy. Wind energy is so yesterday.

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