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Words like honest and principled! – Dave Hill …

Comment posted Dunoon Observer invites voters to pick their ghoul by Gus Mackay.

Words like honest and principled! – Dave Hill would not know the meaning of.

Gus Mackay also commented

  • Who really gives a toss who you would rather got onto the council?
    What do you know about honest movement?

    Who cares about your first experiences of political activity?
    Before Mick was born ?? You must be about over 80 then?

    As for the rest of your comments may I remind you this is a local government election, but I am not surprised you would want to deflect attention from that bearing in mind your own local problems within the snp in Dunoon and Cowal.

  • The community of Dunoon know where he is, campaigning in the election. Fortunately those who read FA are familiar with the stupidity of your comments and your latest will be treated with the contempt it deserves.

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