The comments people are looking for are here:- Different …

Comment posted Council Elections: Candidates Election Leaflets by Tim McIntyre.

The comments people are looking for are here:-

Different story, very similar title!

Recent comments by Tim McIntyre

  • Local MSP claims Argyll landowners ‘blight community progress’ and inflict ‘anti-democratic abuse’
    Huh? It’s not 2 million for the Stonehenge tunnel, it’s 2 Billion, which makes dualling the A9 look like exceptional value for money… probably save rather more lives in the long run, too.
  • Bitter alone, Salmond now a declared guerrilla leader in charge of government
    According to the Ashcroft poll, 14% of ‘No’ voters were specifically motivated by the ‘vow’. Added to the 45% who voted ‘Yes’, that’s a clear majority to see the Scottish Parliament’s powers beefed up substantially.

    Not the least of the problems facing the Westminster parties is the difference between the rhetoric flying around in the last few days before the vote, and what the ‘vow’ actually means, even supposing they can deliver it. Managing the expectations of an electorate which heard terms such as ‘Devo Max’ being used will be a challenge when they wake up to just how little has actually been promised.

    The ‘vow’ itself did not contain any new powers – it was just a timetable for delivering the Devo-Fudge proposals made back in April/May – different proposals from Labour & Tories, but neither amounted to much advance on what is coming down the line anyway by way of the Scotland Act 2012.

    Personally I’m pleased that Alex Salmond has come out fighting on behalf of all of us who voted for change either way – he more than anyone knows just how much noise you have to make to get the Westminster high-command to pay attention. There’s plenty excitement and hand-wringing still going on in London just now, but anyone who thinks that Scotland will stay high up the Westminster priority list once the conference season is over, and they go back to worrying about the Clacton by-election, the rise of UKIP and the 2015 general election is kidding themselves.

  • Bitter alone, Salmond now a declared guerrilla leader in charge of government
    richard – “…the Scotland Act 2012 and why have they never used any of the devolved powers”

    Er, perhaps because the provisions in the Scotland Act 2012 don’t come into force until 2016?

  • Bitter alone, Salmond now a declared guerrilla leader in charge of government
    Alex Salmond never mentioned ‘UDI’ in his interview. UDI, in the sense that this article appears to be inferring, would be not just unconstitutional, it would be utterly undemocratic. Implying that Salmond would follow that course is just mischievous nonsense, as Newsie knows fine well.

    It is, however, possible that over a period of time, the Scottish Parliament would gradually be granted more powers by Westminster until it reached the point where it was independent in all but name. This would take a long time. It’s what happened in New Zealand among other places. New Zealand has no ‘independence day’ because they haven’t got round to declaring it yet. Would anyone jump up & down & shriek ‘UDI’!!! if they did?

    The other perfectly legitimate and democratic route to independence without a referendum would be for a party or parties to stand for election to Holyrood on that basis. As long as voters know beforehand that independence would be the result of those parties gaining an overall majority, then the election campaign would be fought on that basis and the outcome would have to be respected as a mandate to negotiate an independence settlement. It would obviously be a huge political gamble for any party to stake its election campaign on such a huge issue, so it’s unlikely, but not unconstitutional.

  • Scottish severance negotiations: location, batting order, public information
    Simon – “Ae fond X…”

    Another bard, another quote:-

    “There is a tide in the affairs of men,
    Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat.
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    or lose our ventures.”

    (W Shakespeare)

    I hope for a Yes, but good will to all tomorrow, whichever way you are voting.

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11 Responses to The comments people are looking for are here:- Different …

  1. First thing Ive heard from Mr McIntyre that makes sense – “Time for Change”
    Time for a new Administration and a new Transport Convener-
    Aye Right!

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  2. Its a hard job being a candidate but I’m pretty sure I have said some sensible things.Maybe not to the SNP supporters like yourself Gerry but I don’t dance to anyone’s tune.
    Power to the People.

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  3. Newsroom,
    Simply cannot get media fire beyound ‘temporarily unavalable’, please check back soon, for the last several days on the few listed candidates highlighted in red. For the others, nothing.

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  4. I note that very few have provided leaflets above. Are the candidates just too busy going door to door or are they apathetic or plain lazy in Argyll? In my particular village we have received only 2 flyers through the door (that’s out of 9 standing!).

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