The comments people are looking for are here:- Different …

Comment posted Council Elections: Candidates Election Leaflets by Tim McIntyre.

The comments people are looking for are here:-

Different story, very similar title!

Recent comments by Tim McIntyre

  • Problems with both pro-indy and pro-union campaigns
    “Johnson is also the Mayor of the UK’s biggest USP – the majestic London.

    Most of us wouldn’t want to live there but who doesn’t want it as ‘ours’ – the international envy of its huge economic engine…”

    I’m pretty sure this is the first time I have seen the conspicuous and ever-increasing concentration of the UK nations’ wealth and power in London portrayed as the ‘positive case for the union’ :-)

  • PR gaffes in Community Land Scotland’s ‘Bunchrew Land Declaration’
    Is it just me, or does this article, and the comments which follow, concentrate solely on sniping at the title of the initiative because no-one has anything interesting to say about its intent?

    From Rhoda Grant’s quote above: “The declaration also acknowledges the deep divisions in Scotland’s land ownership patterns addressing the terrible reality that fewer than 500 people own half of Scotland’s land.”

    That statistic is surely a pretty shocking anachronism in the 21st century isn’t it?

  • Donors, public money and funding the independence referendum campaigns
    Karl – “…if the SG ( SNP) had pushed the devo-max option I would have supported it 100%”
    They did. It was Westminster that refused the third option on the ballot paper.
  • The no-no campaign
    Jamie – I’m not sure if your point is about corroboration or democracy. Majority governing parties pushing through unpopular measures despite opposition is hardly indicative of a democratic crisis – it happens all the time in Westminster, where coalition government is the exception not the rule.

    In Scotland at the moment, there is a combination of lack of voter participation (turnout at Holyrood elections far too low) and a lack of credible opposition (other major parties sending all their best & brightest to serve in Westminster where the real power lies). Those two factors could be argued to mean that our democracy functions less than effectively. Oh, and the lack of a constitution or other means to check the power of politicians.

  • The no-no campaign
    That’s fine in principle Robert, but I think there is a fair expectation that journalists will at least try to interrogate people in positions of high authority who make assertions that are of crucial importance to a debate – you can’t dismiss something said by Mr Barroso as a mere ‘opinion’, like yours or mine – he’s the president of the EC! Marr should have gone into strong devil’s-advocate mode (as he did with Salmond) and drilled down into WHY Barroso thinks that. Perhaps it would have been genuinely enlightening, or perhaps we would have seen just as much prevarication as you say he got from Salmond.

    As former BBC Scotland journalist Derek Bateman said on his blog afterwards: “If you have a title, you get automatic respect from the national broadcaster, no matter what you actually say.”

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11 Responses to The comments people are looking for are here:- Different …

  1. First thing Ive heard from Mr McIntyre that makes sense – “Time for Change”
    Time for a new Administration and a new Transport Convener-
    Aye Right!

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  2. Its a hard job being a candidate but I’m pretty sure I have said some sensible things.Maybe not to the SNP supporters like yourself Gerry but I don’t dance to anyone’s tune.
    Power to the People.

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  3. Newsroom,
    Simply cannot get media fire beyound ‘temporarily unavalable’, please check back soon, for the last several days on the few listed candidates highlighted in red. For the others, nothing.

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  4. I note that very few have provided leaflets above. Are the candidates just too busy going door to door or are they apathetic or plain lazy in Argyll? In my particular village we have received only 2 flyers through the door (that’s out of 9 standing!).

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