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John – no idea. Was it posted to this story? I’ve been on duty since 07.45 and I’ve not removed anything.

I suggest you repost it and, provided it’s not libellous (not having seen it at all) it will get approved.

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  • Alan Reid, Jamie McGrigor and the righting of a serious wrong
    Don’t be silly.
    We simply did our bit, as best and as resourcefully as we were able.
    Some highly knowledgeable and angry people clearly thought we were a worthy contributor to the campaign and gave us help – which allowed us to be a much more effective component of a very wide ranging campaign than we would otherwise have been.
    In effect, what they did brought the heart of the actual evidence home to a source emanating from Argyll, where a specific audience would pay attention to it.
    We feel – but cannot know – that these people were the effective heart of the entire campaign and judiciously managed it; and that we were picked up as a strategically useful element.
    But whatever anyone does, it takes politicians and governments to be willing to listen – and, cruciallly, to act.
    We asked politicians relevant to Argyll – Alan Reid And Jamie McGrigor- to get pre-election assurances from their parties that if they were in power they would commit to getting the evidence in the open and the dead pilots’ names cleared. The pre-election period is always the best time for this sort of pressure.
    They got those assurances – and we published at the time that they had been given.
    And Liam Fox delivered for right as well as for justice for Jonathan Tapper and Rick Cook – a month or so over 17 years after they died.
    The standard bearers are those shadowy champions of right somewhere in the defence sector whose persistent campaign support over so long a period of time eventually succeeded,
    Everyone else, at whatever level, was a committed bit player. It is to this group of people that the families of the pilots owe so much of the relief of an unequivocal reprieve for their innocent lost sons.
  • Alan Reid, Jamie McGrigor and the righting of a serious wrong
    It didn’t have to fly through fog at low altitude. It had to get to Fort George and was online for there.
    The navigational controls of the Mk2 Chinook were also known to be unreliable.
    The likelihood is that the pilots were starting the climb to clear the south west of the Mull of Kintyre when FADEC did what FADEC had done on several previous occasions and threw the engine into sudden uncontrollable speed. With no manual override on main or back up systems – that was it for all 29 on board.
    Remember that the pilots had not wanted to fly this aircraft. They did not trust it. The helicopter was seen heading over to the Mull by a yacht before it reached the coastal fog – and was flying normally and at normal speed.
    It is inconceivable that two experienced pilots would deliberately accelerate once they were within heavy fog – and to the speed the aircraft must been flying at when it crashed. The debris told that story in a general sense, for lack of any flight data recorders.
    The ‘game of golf’ story is improbable as these people were from a range of different forces and would not have been likely co-socialisers. It is logical that they were together for an intelligence conference at Fort George; while it is not logical that the MoD flew them there all together in a single aircraft.
    This crash wiped out a major swathe of the UK”s top military and police intelligence service at a time of internal war.
    Even if the ‘game of golf’ yarn were correct, does it mean they deserved to die? What is the point of it?
    The issue is the crash, the cause of the crash and the meticulous assembly and analysis of evidence by civilians over a period of years – by default – in the face of the RAF’s and the MoD’s self-interested determination to keep it cloaked and let the dead pilots take the blame.
  • Alan Reid, Jamie McGrigor and the righting of a serious wrong
    We hold no brief for the MoD.
    They told us a direct lie on an occasion [MACC's community buy out of the former RAF base at Machrihanish] when we had documented evidence to the contrary to hand – from documents of their own we had got under FoI. When we quoted this, they simply went silent and hung up.
    And that’s before we look at their sending soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan, known to be wholly ineffectively kitted out.
    And that’s before we look at their incompetent, inadequate and extravagant procurement record – including the Nimrod AWACS replacement mess.
    Then there is Police Scotland’s damaging record here – arming wthout notification to government and stopping and searching children when this practice was alleged to have stopped – shaming the Scottish Government.
    Perhaps there are certain types of power that inevitably corrupt, wherever they are?
    It is juvenile to attempt to make this very different issue into part of a convenient binary opposition of a squeaky clean culture of a would-be indy Scotland versus an unrelievedly nasty dirty UK culture – from which the virgin Scotland coincidentally wishes to create apparent reasons to separate.
  • Gallipoli: An Irish voice sings of Australian casualties on a Turkish peninsula in a western war
    And 20 year old Private Robert McLaren of the Black Watch from Kintra on the Ross of Mull was killed in Helmand four weeks after joining the Regiment, fresh out of training.
    The procession of the repatriated military dead in Iraq and Afghanistan through Wootton Basset painfully underlined the enhanced vulnerability of the young in warfare, almost always in the forward positions.
  • Gallipoli: An Irish voice sings of Australian casualties on a Turkish peninsula in a western war
    Thank you for this.

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11 Responses to John – no idea. Was it posted to …

  1. First thing Ive heard from Mr McIntyre that makes sense – “Time for Change”
    Time for a new Administration and a new Transport Convener-
    Aye Right!

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  2. Its a hard job being a candidate but I’m pretty sure I have said some sensible things.Maybe not to the SNP supporters like yourself Gerry but I don’t dance to anyone’s tune.
    Power to the People.

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  3. Newsroom,
    Simply cannot get media fire beyound ‘temporarily unavalable’, please check back soon, for the last several days on the few listed candidates highlighted in red. For the others, nothing.

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  4. I note that very few have provided leaflets above. Are the candidates just too busy going door to door or are they apathetic or plain lazy in Argyll? In my particular village we have received only 2 flyers through the door (that’s out of 9 standing!).

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