John – no idea. Was it posted to …

Comment posted Council Elections: Candidates Election Leaflets by newsroom.

John – no idea. Was it posted to this story? I’ve been on duty since 07.45 and I’ve not removed anything.

I suggest you repost it and, provided it’s not libellous (not having seen it at all) it will get approved.

Ans apologies for the gremlins.

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  • Baillie impressive at First Minister’s Questions – and then the polls rolled in
    It was indeed worth watching and here it is: OR
  • Baillie impressive at First Minister’s Questions – and then the polls rolled in
    Many thanks for the prompt – and the grin. Off to correct.
  • Labour paralysis proves Lamont right
    On the current position of the Labour party, Kassandra – both you and Malcolm, above, have foundation for how you see that position. This is because Labour is on a cusp, from where it can fall or rise – by its own actions.
    That it may fail is the basis for the weak recent polling in respect of the May 2015 General Election.
    That it may rise – and if it does it can present the most serious threat to the SNP – is the reason for the obvious SNP fear that this may happen.
    You have a perfect right to wish it to fail; but if it does, it will leave the unicameral Scottish Parliament with a serious democratic deficit which does not take long to be to everyone’s disadvantage.
    Never give too much power to anyone.
  • Labour paralysis proves Lamont right
    Looking at some of the comments above, we are unhappy with the degree of quite vicious and crude abuse of people whose views differ from those of the contributors in question.
    We would ask contributors to be civil, to engage with the argument of the person to whom they are responding,and not to take the cheap shot lazy route of rubbishing and abusing them instead.
    We are all human beings, distinguished by our ability to reason – than which there are few greater pleasures.
    Enjoy differently.
  • Launch of a Credit Union for Cowal
    Thank you for providing these missing names.
    This is a very worthwhile initiative, particularly so in the Credit Union focus on community.
    Our congratulations to everyone who has made this happen.

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11 Responses to John – no idea. Was it posted to …

  1. First thing Ive heard from Mr McIntyre that makes sense – “Time for Change”
    Time for a new Administration and a new Transport Convener-
    Aye Right!

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  2. Its a hard job being a candidate but I’m pretty sure I have said some sensible things.Maybe not to the SNP supporters like yourself Gerry but I don’t dance to anyone’s tune.
    Power to the People.

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  3. Newsroom,
    Simply cannot get media fire beyound ‘temporarily unavalable’, please check back soon, for the last several days on the few listed candidates highlighted in red. For the others, nothing.

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  4. I note that very few have provided leaflets above. Are the candidates just too busy going door to door or are they apathetic or plain lazy in Argyll? In my particular village we have received only 2 flyers through the door (that’s out of 9 standing!).

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