John – no idea. Was it posted to …

Comment posted Council Elections: Candidates Election Leaflets by newsroom.

John – no idea. Was it posted to this story? I’ve been on duty since 07.45 and I’ve not removed anything.

I suggest you repost it and, provided it’s not libellous (not having seen it at all) it will get approved.

Ans apologies for the gremlins.

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  • Decoding Helensburgh’s Colquhoun Square: Comet I or Comet II?
    Had you made your suggestion on the lighting design for the square to Councillor Petrie who might then have taken if forwards at council level and become singularly associated with it through that process?
    We should make it clear that it is popular received perception that associates Councillor Petrie with the ‘Comet’ lights, rather than any claim made by the man himself.
    It would be very interesting to know of your complete plans for the lighting of the Square and the thinking behind what you had intended.
  • SNP Deputy Leader candidates set out their stalls
    It may be that this is an issue Mr Brown has not fully thought through.
    He does seem the most capable candidate and the most progressive one.
  • Lifeline for wildlife – 5p per carrier bag in Scotland from today
    Evidently all ‘single use’ bags carry the levy, regardless of the material form which they are made – paper, plastic or recyclables.
    But hygiene related bags – as for bread and cakes, for dirty products [eg with soil attached] and for medicines, are levy free.
    We’ve not seen anything yet on take away food packaging, like polystyrene fish and chip or pizza boxes.
  • Between earth and heaven: Anthony Gormley’s Another Place
    The theft of the Moore from Little Sparta was numbing.
    Are the gardens at Portrack House open to the public? Jencks’ work is glorious.
  • Robert Wakeham: What’s cooking around our coasts?
    This is not a speculative but a factual piece.
    The single sentence for which there is no documented back up is a question not a statement. This is on what could possibly explain Oceanic Pintail’s highly unusual behaviour about 10 miles off the north coast.
    She had been in Scrabster. She left, following the northerly track Mr Wakeham describes towards the point of access to Scapa Flow from the wes; tand then turned sharply SW, levelling out to begin her strange sequence.
    She made three successive return passes between Cape Wrath and Brims Ness at steady speed and then went back in to Scrabster.
    This part of her task was a ‘test run’ for what?
    The question needs to be asked and there is no straightforward reason why the answer cannot be given.

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11 Responses to John – no idea. Was it posted to …

  1. First thing Ive heard from Mr McIntyre that makes sense – “Time for Change”
    Time for a new Administration and a new Transport Convener-
    Aye Right!

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  2. Its a hard job being a candidate but I’m pretty sure I have said some sensible things.Maybe not to the SNP supporters like yourself Gerry but I don’t dance to anyone’s tune.
    Power to the People.

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  3. Newsroom,
    Simply cannot get media fire beyound ‘temporarily unavalable’, please check back soon, for the last several days on the few listed candidates highlighted in red. For the others, nothing.

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  4. I note that very few have provided leaflets above. Are the candidates just too busy going door to door or are they apathetic or plain lazy in Argyll? In my particular village we have received only 2 flyers through the door (that’s out of 9 standing!).

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