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Correct that there is a drought… in the …

Comment posted Question: How can we license fracking when we have permanent drought? by School Defender.

Correct that there is a drought… in the south of England, but not in the north, so this is just a red herring used to have a pop at a new technology that could in fact provide an energy solution for generations to come.

School Defender also commented

  • The flaw in the biofuel argument is how do we feed a massively growing population if we have switched land use to biofuel crops, but the Doc is correct in that algae wouldn’t need that land. I would like to think the 10 year prediction is true (I somehow doubt it but still salute the pioneers actually doing something constructive).
  • Strange isn’t it? This thread started with me asking a simple question about your statement that ‘we must stop using fossil fuels’, which is a naive proposition to say the least.
    Now you are accusing me of ignorance, and of being a NIMBY protestor (you are only partly correct on the former, but way out of the ballpark on the latter).
    There is never any scope for rational debate when rabid zealots start screeching just because someone dares to suggest that perhaps, just perhaps, the world isn’t going to end in the next ten years.
  • Worth Cuadrilla investigating these areas, and hopefully any resultant earth tremors might dislodge the foundations of wind farms and make them all fall down.
  • Ooh, is the sky falling in?
  • Why do we ‘have to stop using fossil fuels’?

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