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Comment posted Job losses of established staff follow SPT’s change of operator of Kilcreggan Ferry by Rona Grierson.

It seems that Argyll & Bute Council are, as usual, taking the short sighted approach. They do not seem to have any interest in their residents of the Roseneath Peninsula or Helensburgh area. The Gourock/Kilcreggan/Helensburgh ferry is a link for people on the Roseneath Peninsula to enable them to travel quickly to Inverclyde or to work further afield in Paisley or Glasgow. Students of Reid Kerr College, visitors of the hospital, dentists, bankers, journalists, musicians, artists, engineers, consultants, surveyors are just a few of the commuters using the ferry service.

SPT have shown that their only interest in running this ferry is to look at cost and not condisder why or for what purpose people travel this route. They have admitted to running this service on a purely financial basis with no knowledge of or concern for health and safety of passengers by awarding the contract to an operator who had not taken into account the variance in tides and winds and the draught required to sail regularly in varying conditions.

Argyll & bute Council have been conspicuous in their absence of comment during this debate and have finally shown their had by making the pier staff redundant. They have obviously no concern in the local community and how vital this pier is and should be to the community or how much more it could be utilised. In many major cities in the world the river is seen as a vital and imprtant link for commuters, travellers and visitors to the area. SPT and Argyll & Bute have taken no responsibility to promote and encourage a better usage of this ferry link. It is not advertised widely orindeed recommended by Visit Scotland, or Argyll & Bute Council. It is a ferry service and a pier just waiting to be abandoned. With the redundancies of the 3 pier masters at Kilcreggan this is another death knell in the life of this service and the use of The Clyde.

Encouraging greater usage of this service would help reduce car traffic on the roads of a Peninsula that is becoming the land that Argyll & Bute Council wish to forget.

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  • Kilcreggan Ferry website
    With regard to the Kilcreggan ferry website, it’s great that you were so impressed. Just a pity that on day 3 of the new service they didn’t sail one journey of the timetable despite the calm weather after 4pm! So much for ‘frequent reliable ferry services’ which appears to be their strapline!

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