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Is it really the case that these workers …

Comment posted Job losses of established staff follow SPT’s change of operator of Kilcreggan Ferry by Baffled.

Is it really the case that these workers have nothing in their job description apart from one ferry service? If that is not true, they are not ‘literally redundant’ and this article is very damaging.
And what about other issues concerning maintenance and access at the pier? Arrangements for the Waverley?

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    • The same man who runs Clydelink also runs a very well known boatyard locally which is an entirely separate business, so it isn’t difficult to guess how the building of the new boat might work – hence it isn’t a matter of Clydelink ‘on its own’
    • Whoever won a new tender under such a timescale, unless they already had a suitable boat or two plus crew sitting about idly (which hardly makes commercial sense) would struggle hugely to get everything ready in less than three months. Why is the timescale so short?
    • Finally, do we know for certain that the decision by SPT’s operations committee is final, and doesn’t have to be ratified by another meeting, as with councils?
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