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Tony, Scotland’s fishing indutry is far greater …

Comment posted EC to use emergency powers to reduce volume of west coast haddock discards by Donald.

Tony, Scotland’s fishing indutry is far greater than England’s but our “say” in Brussels is a wee man from Westminster. Once you have read the history of the whole sorry affair you may want to withdraw the last paragraph.
We need an independent “say” in our fish and loads of other things, BRING IT ON.

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  • Salmond departure only hope for healing in Scotland – successor cannot be Sturgeon
    NEWSIE ? That was the worst piece of hateful “journalism” I have read in a long time, please unsubscribe me immediatly and don’t contaminate my computer any more.
  • 2014 – the year the debate will end
    18-9-2014 will see the start of the PROPER debate, it will be like us all moving into a new hoos. And imagine being the +1 person of the 50% who voted YES, he will be empowered.
    Be positive and look forwards.
  • Wales’ First Minister pushes commitment to federal UK
    “No current body has the right to speak for England”, and you are telling copycat that you did not say “England cannot speak for itself” ???
    England is England and has had a parliament for nearly a thousand years and voyaged round the world planting flags on other peoples shores, even small coral attols, “Claiming them for England and the King” and imposing rule. Then a couple of hundred years ago they changed the name to UK Parliament, and continues to have a lot more MPs with voting rights than anyone else.
    You also say “the dragon seems to be limbering up at last, getting more assertive”, but you did not say “how dare they” like you say to the Unicorn. And if they ever start their own YES campaign would their “engine of the economy” “simply ship out”, or is it just us. I would bet that the Welsh are as proud of being Welsh as the English are of being English.
    Looking back at the relevent history, the solution you put forward in your last paragraph should take about another thousand years.
    Look forward and be positive, I am sure Scots want to know both sides of the story of their future.
  • Concerns raised on loss of perspective in Salmond’s rant at Spain ‘conspiracy’ with UK
    Your continued personal abuse exclusively directed towards Alex Salmond in your “news” pieces indicates who has the “psyche out of control”.
    This “news” item is “spouting nonsence in public”, if you kept to proper journalism it would only be half as long and more readable to the person looking for information.
  • White Paper sets date for independence as 24th March 2016
    This item of “NEWS” is a bit ridiculous if it is supposed to be informative journalism. The experience is out there, 140 odd countries have gained independence since the war. Were their ambitions also “hopelessly unachievable” or “fantasy” or “potty false premise” in the “land of cloud cuckoos” or is it just proud, independent Scots who get this lable ?

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