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I do agree with wind power has a …

Comment posted Campbeltown rumours about Wind Towers declared unfounded by John Sinclair.

I do agree with wind power has a place in our energy production, and manufacturing the plant in Scotland is worthwhile employment.
BUT just because I am pro wind power, I still listen to the other people views, and accept both sides are giving out misleading information to undermine the other side. Now what’s worthwhile employment, not everyone can be employed full time in the manufacturing of windmills, so what are other types of worthwhile employment. Is it better to have one big employer or many small employment opportunities. Should we optimise the resources or maximise the output. Too often an argument is over single issues, should we not be looking at the whole picture.

John Sinclair also commented

  • watched the clip, still pro wind power, you are highlighting a very valid point about subsidies and I too get annoyed about those figures and alarmed that the pro wind power can not be more transparent about true costs. On a bigger scale, if we did not spend money on WMD and wage illegal wars, we could use all that resource and technology to give us all a better lifestyle, even sort out our roads and ferries in Argyll.
  • I may not agree with your view on wind power, it does have a roll to play in power generation.
    Totally agree with “let’s focus on worthwhile employment”, I am sure there will be a debate about what “worthwhile employment” is, but it would be a step forward for sustainable living, whats sustainable living.
  • The logistic of moving commodities is a a very important issue, the lack of investment for the maintenance of the roads is an issue along with the size of commercial vehicles using them. S.White was just highlighting this in his/her way. We all need an income to support our selves, Scotland has a vast potential, harness that and we could all have a good lifestyle.

Recent comments by John Sinclair

  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Read my older posts Karl, you might just get a inkling of were I am going from were I have come.
    And for you Richard grow up for once, grow a pair of yesticles, your antics no longer have any amusement value left, enjoy snuggling into your processions. And finally this comment is for Robert, just go out and buy a bigger car, and then buy a bigger car, you will never ever be happy, you have no love in you, no happiness. They are not my words they are from a man whose house is
    filled with happiness and caring and love for everyone.“I lost the friends that needed losing / found others on the way.”
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Karl what do I deserve, come on spit it out, if I give it I should be able to take it. Come on then what do I deserve, let everyone known, is your true personality coming out now. Just say it you will feel a lot better.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    “now stop your nonsense”
    Strange, the Yes movement has driven that change you are talking about, without it the ruling hands of Westminster would still have a firm grip round all our throats, we are prising them away to let us all breath clearly once again. Some people are so selfish, just me,me,me.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Got to go, enjoy working abroad and using Scotland as a hotel and play thing when you pop back. We want change, we want a good future for the generations to come. We will put a stop to the export trade of the youth because there’s no hope left in their home nation. This is due to the greed of Westminster. Change is here, the yes movement has driven it, there is a society here we need each other we are on that road.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    “Remember the silent Jnr…which way will they vote YOU do not know…”
    Talk of 97% register to vote, talk of 80% plus voting, a big block of people who didn’t even have a voice have registered to vote, many for the first time in their adult life. They are not going to stay silent for much longer.

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