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I have never read such fiction and rubbish …

Comment posted Russell stance on Argyll Ferries raises serious questions by abf.

I have never read such fiction and rubbish in all my life by newsroom who is completely ignorant of the facts particularly regarding exemption certificates and enoprcement notices and it seems nearly everything else. I will not go into other matters such as what or what not Europe allows us to do but will leave that to someone more qualified than me and obviously you. All I would say on that subject is that we should do what every other European country does and bend European stupid regulations.The Enforcement notice issued to David MacBrayne is the first the MCA has had to issue to the Company in its long hitherto proud history and is a binding legal document. The Constituent who advised Michael Russell has a long and distinguished seagoing career which includes having commanded the first proper ro ro ferry in the West Coast of Scotland with Western Ferries ARGYLL Ltd and after five years with them spent 17 years Master of every major Calmac Western Isles ferry and service followed by 9 years Marine Superintendent so you can be assured that everything Mr Russell has been advised about regarding Exemption Certificates, Enforcement notices and safety are founded on experience and fact unlike the fiction contained in your article. If you want any credibility try printing the truth in future but then that wouldn’t be sensationalist enough to attrct readers.

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  • Dunoon Lad this is daft, most of that tourist traffic turns right which is no help to Dunoon Town centre
  • calmac biggest selling car tourist ticket by far is the car rover ticket which is still wonderful value. Most people using it come from the central belt or the South and used the three mainland ports, Gourock, weymss Bay and Brodick. Not having a Gourock Dunoon car service rules Gourock out, this was the major route used, thereby giving great benifit to Bute and Arran while ruling out Dunoon and most of Cowal. This is a huge loss of revenue to the town centre of Dunoon and a large part of Cowal. If you want Dunoon to thrive then support the reinstatement of town centre to town centre car ferries, if you don’t then carry on the crazy arguments as before. Twice last week I used Western Ferries excellent service but on both occasions a ferry left full leaving my car behind. There is plenty traffic for both so everyones campaign should be “Save Dunoon Town Centre” with a proper vehicle service and NOT the Ali Cat or Argyll Flyer.
  • Not really true Peter.
    My argument and my advice to Mr Russell is that AF are already allowed to sail in moderate rolling and or pitching. The nexct designation up for a light aluminium vessel is Rolling and pitching violently. With what is allowed at the moment any Mum with a baby in a pram and a toddler must have great difficulty holding on to both to save them being thrown about, what would it be like in the next stage up. Someone said I called the Ali Cat a death trap, this is totally untrue. Unless she had a collision in fog I do not think weather in the Clyde would cause the loss of the Ali Cat my safety concerns are and always have been considering that as well as said above she carries infirm, elderly and disabled passengers as well as some rather the worse for drink who all can easily be thrown about and badly injured.

Recent comments by abf

  • Russell back in the bathtub, now trying to sink Keith Brown’s boat
    Once again the out of control lady editor of this on line rag has got things completely wrong and libelous. At the meeting she refers to regarding Mr Russell and Ex AF CEO Robertson at no time did Mr Russel “roar and shout” for Robertsons resignation. In fact Mike Russel did not address Robertson at any time at the meeting let alone roar and shout. Another Government Minister did show his frustration at Robertson as he continued to show no apparent regard for safety measures regarding the Ali Cat and MOT restrictions. I am amazed at the number of people who still access this frequently fictisious web rag to read utter rubbish the.
  • MCA serves Argyll Ferries with improvement notice
    Remember the millions owed to the tax man by Western Ferries so who is actually helping build their new ferries? you and me because of their tax dodging and failure to pay up when caught!
  • Possible weather disruption to Gourock ferry services 14th and 15th June
    Ferryman obviously knows nothing about the sea. E’ly winds are notoriousa among seafarers like me and vary greatly even between places very close at hand. AF operate in the Clyde not Lochgilphead and it is only E’ly 4/5 in Dunoon today and both ferries which have been off since 1700hrs yesterday are still in James Watt dock Greenock at 1230hrs on Saturday. I have nothing against Western Ferries but against vessels that can’t operate in E’ly 4/5 conditions leaving Dunoon passengers stranded in the middle of June.
  • Curiosities in 6.5% Argyll ferry fares rise by 2012
    The answer to your question “of screamed no” is easily answered. Calmac have long since done away with the position of Marine Superintendent and Ass Marine Superintenden the two positions with Master Mariner qualifications and vast seagoing knowledge and have almost no nautical experience in head office relying on an influx of people like the guy from Currys and numerous engineer Superintendents.
  • Interim Managing Director for CalMac announced
    I have just come home from holiday and am horrified by Calmac’s appointment of a new MD from an industry as far removed from ro ro ferries as it is possible to get. The last MD was a civil engineer who having worked for many years for calmac might just have known a little about running a ferry company, though his sudden departure may have disproved that, but the new one comes from a company that appears to be in deep financial trouble and I am sure there is the added problem that he can know nothing about running ferries. The only good MD they have had in the last 40 years was Colin Paterson who came from being UK MD of Northsea Ferries to MD of Calmac and knew the industry inside out. It is my opinion that the company has been on a downward slide since the day he retired and it looks as if the slope is getting steeper by the day.

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