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“When they finish the champagne , Argyll First …

Comment posted Argyll First celebrate unanimous decision to return power to full council by Jnr Tick.

“When they finish the champagne , Argyll First might like to reflect on the fact , that thanks to them ,power in Argyll & Bute rests with a tightly whipped SNP group controlled by Michael Russell and SNP high command hellbent on destroying the United Kingdom as their number one priority”

Islay for ever, you say the SNP are hellbent on destroying the UK? It is not and never has been the SNP’s aims to have the UK’s best interests at heart. The clue to the SNP’s intentions or motives is in the the S and the N, the interests of Scotland the Nation. It is not to destroy the UK, why should they have any interest in the UK? The SNP, for their sins, a real Scottish political party who’s interets are solely for the people who reside in Scotland. If you are looking to apportion blame for the demise in the UK and its, in my opinion, eventual disintegration, take a long hard look at where we are today, the embarrassing and ever widening gap between rich and poor, depravation in our towns and cities, lack of opportunity for graduates/school leavers, retention and maintenance of the abhorent wmd’s at Faslane, lack of respect for authority, drug addiction, I could go on and on. All these ails whilst being governed by Westminster Tory, Labour, Tory, Labour,Tory when will we break this cycle, come on the level headed people of Scotland, time to put this wonderful country right, to lead the way. If a party looking after the interests of its county’s residents has the knock on effect of ‘destroying the UK’ then so be it, but the SNP cannot be blamed for the intentions it came into existence for in 1934.

Jnr Tick also commented

  • Just wondering where in my reply to ‘Islay for ever’s’ post did I mention the word instantly? Independence might however go some way to solving people’s inability to quote from posts accurately by getting Scotland’s education system back to the way it used to be, revered throughout the world. Sadly, like many other things here in Scotland, eroding, gradually becomming mediocre. Given time, in an Independent Scotland whichever government, be it Labour, Conservative, SNP or other, can implement real change, change that can revolutionise the way we all live, get back a sense of pride in where we live and who we are instead of a future of generations who are disassociated, disillusioned apathetic to anything that really matters in life. Jim B, what do people like yourself expect to see in a future Scotland as part of this wonderful UK? more of the same?, except even more of a decline I think. Why? Because the Unionists of this country, Scotland, expect radical change for the better will surely happen some time, some year, some decade, just keep putting the same old Westminster Labour then Tory governments in down south and they’ll see us all right, time to be brave and believe in your fellow countrymen and women that together here in Scotland we have both the resources and the intellect to make it work. I’m quite young, but admittedly and ashamedly have been naive to think Scotland lacked the attributes I have just mentioned for long enough, read to many rags, believed too many ill-informed anti-Independence people, but since the invention of platforms such as this, many of the myths of ‘paradise Union’ and ‘poor skint havnae got the intelligence Scotland’ can be quickly and easily dispelled. Incidently, the contempt shown to us by both the media and Westminster’s misinforming leaves a nasty taste in the mouth creating individualls like myself who will follow the Independence goal until my dying breath, if neccessary.

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Next stop? –
  • What now for Scotland?
    Oh where to start?
    Tbh John, I’ve exhausted the arguments for some time now elsewhere, besides, they are all moot points now. I say moot points because I now believe we as voters of Leave have saved Europe in undermining the foundations of it, leading the way giving other Member States the confidence to regain their independence, in turn controlling borders and all the benefits this permits. At long long last the UK having a positive influence on something!
    Never thought I’d hear myself saying this but well done Farage for his noble and determined pursuit of self determination done achieved against the sort of UK establishment influenced propaganda I witnessed as a Yes voter during our own referendum here in Scotland – I doth my cap to anyone who has the courage to ‘steer their own ship’ and to belief in a people’s potential and abilities to decide what is and isn’t right for them and the future of others.
    North Britain soon to become a unique identifiable independent Scotland next?
  • Johnson remained the entertainer while Gove sold his integrity and his friends
    Gove for Prime Minister is a non-starter.
    His line only four years ago, “I’m not equipped to be PM” will come back to haunt him. Only four years has elapsed since this enlightenment so how has he acquired the ‘equipment’ in such a short period. The equipment I suspect he was referring to might be best explained by himself in the following quotes –
    “No, I’m constitutionally incapable of it. There’s a special extra quality you need that is indefinable, and I know I don’t have it. There’s an equanimity, an impermeability and a courage that you need. There are some things in life you know it’s better not to try.”
    “I don’t have what it takes… I have seen David close up on a variety of occasions: he just has an equanimity and a stamina, a sense of calm, good judgment… The pressure of the job is phenomenal and it takes a toll on you and your family and I don’t think I could do that.”
    ” I don’t know what I can do in a way but if anyone wants me to sign a piece of parchment in my own blood saying I don’t want to be prime minister, then I’m perfectly happy to do that.”
    Instil confidence anyone?
  • What now for Scotland?
    Address the concerns John and never mind the boring smears please.
  • What now for Scotland?
    I am a Scottish European but choosing not to pull & share sovereignty doesn’t make any of us any less European.

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