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  2. Rumour has it that a “mole” has reported that councils and ADP are destroying records that show “dodgy dealings” between themselves and ADP as well as Addaction. One thing reported is that Addaction are not certified to be acting in Scotland, if this is so, why are the SNP paying them millions of pounds to run a service that is illegal. If you value the help you are getting in your area as far as addiction is concerned, e-mail the Scottish Parliament c/o your own MSP and ask them to enlarge the remit of the enquiry into the acceptance of Addactions bid to contain whether there had been any underhand dealings prior to that acceptance. It should be noted that in response to a phonecall to Addaction H.Q. in London requesting details of their operating format, up to the 28th January, no reply has been made. This means that a company, not legal in Scotland, will, on February !st 2015 assume the mantle of treatment and after-service welfare of all addicts in the Argyll and Bute area. How is this illegal set up possible? If you as are concerned as I, contact your local MSP and have them raise it in the Parliament asap. It can only help. Thanks for your assistance!!! Les Rutter, chairman of SURG, Helensburgh ( Service users recovery group)

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