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The SNP are in real trouble if Anne …

Comment posted Ever Increasing Circles indeed – and a comedy turn for Monday by Anne.

The SNP are in real trouble if Anne Baird and H2O (who seems very informed on Councillor Blair’s career:-))are the only serfs left still sucking up to the Laird of Argyll (Mike Russell). What is correct then Anne Baird? What’s your master’s latest command to make a laughing stock of the SNP? The SNP must think the electorate of Argyll are stupid. Go into opposition until after the referendum and then join the Argyll and Bute in Chaos Group? Going round in Blair’s ever decreasing circles ends with their heads up their own orifices.

Anne also commented

  • Do I smell the universality of cheese from some of the posters?
    Anne Baird – who elected you and to what? Are you the SNP spokesperson or not? Delusions about being a councillor or an MSP?
    Yes over 10 years on and the SNP still eats itself. Not really interested in Mr Russell’s relationships with his female staff, past or present.
    Independence is just over a year away and the SNP in parts of Argyll are doing everything to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Get out more and talk to real people!
  • H2O do nothing apart from providing a few laughs.
    It seems leaking has been standard practice in SNP for years.

Recent comments by Anne

  • SNP candidate short list for Argyll & Bute down to three
    Harrison is Mike Russell’s buddy and seen as a vote of confidence in the MSP. That’s it. He doesn’t really say much of interest.
    O’Hara has no connection with Argyll and is trying to win through his celebrity endorsements. Reports say he sends his children out of Argyll & Bute to be educated and he and his supporters have caused half of Helensburgh members to leave and form a new branch. He still wants to shut Faslane and put thousands out of work.
    Kemp is by far the most interesting and his webcast was a first. He would appeal most to normal voters but he will get crushed by the other two.
  • Sturgeon theft attempt on Glasgow Games
    It was on the Council website until the event cancelled due to lack of interest.
    Mr Hayman wants the same deal as everyone else in booking a council facility. It goes on the Council events webpage and he can publicise at the venue. The rest is up to him.
    Looks like it is well publicised now! He must be be thankful to our dumb Unionist council for that! LOL!
  • Pro-indy Sunday Herald seen utterly to concoct smear on Labour
    I hear councillors at Dumbarton took a decision to fly the Palestinian flag.
  • Pro-indy Sunday Herald seen utterly to concoct smear on Labour
    OK so the Herald got the political composition of the council wrong. They will apologise but Labour,Tory or LibDem who can tell them apart just now in their common desire to dis Scotland. No celebration of Scottish games success in Argyll or on this site.
    Added to the banning of the Scottish flag Douglas Hendry is now being accused of political censorship. Mr Hayman is being treated differently read why here
    For Argyll has lost its way immersed in its own bile.
    A totally dysfunctional council gets worse, something everyone thought impossible. There is something wrong when Council management are blatantly and openly making these political decisions. Where are supposed elected political representatives in all this – hiding behind the Directors!
    I don’t believe Scotland will ever recover from a NO vote. A petty victory for the small minded will deprive the rest of us of a better future.
  • Sturgeon theft attempt on Glasgow Games
    The Sunday Herald carries two interesting articles one from Ian Bell on the politicisation of sporting events by Cameron’s Better Together
    and another on the political bias of Douglas Hendry, Director of Customer Services at Argyll & Bute Council. After banning the flying of the Scottish flag until after the referendum he is accused of censorship by the famous actor David Hayman.
    Our councillors are silent.

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