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I understand that today’s Dunoon Observer* is carrying …

Comment posted Possible weather disruption to Gourock ferry services 14th and 15th June by Simon.

I understand that today’s Dunoon Observer* is carrying a story that between Thursday and saturday last week some 80 sailings weere cancelled by Argyll Ferries.

80 sailings cancelled. That kinda makes a complete mockery of ‘assurances’ in the Scottish Government again reporte in the Dunon Obserever reported on last week that stated “The unscheduled availability of both vessels now seems to have been addressed with a pattern of satisfactory reliability and punctuality being the norm”.


* Still going strong apparentlydespite FA’s exclusive about it closing down before Christmas…. 😉

Simon also commented

  • Ferryman – can you explain this? “Simon those 80 cancelled sailing will have been deemed to have sailed under the Transport Scotland contract and so the reliability will have been 100% over that period.”

    Surely not?

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