Sillars no authority but authentic voice of ‘Yes’ culture of intimidation and retribution

[Updated below 14th September] Jim Sillars has no power to put into action one iota of what he threatened last night and withdrew this morning – Continue reading

Robert Trythall: Renewables development – an independent Scotland will be dependent on rUK subsidy support

I do not expect you to take my word for this analysis. On the launch of the Independence White Paper, it was the national press analysis and conclusion. Continue reading

Grab of EU Structural Funds questions integrity of Scottish Government’s commitment to local decision taking

There is a contradictory tension between the Scottish government’s strongly totalitarian direction of governance – Continue reading

Parent power working both ways in Argyll’s rural primary schools as council slides into torpor

During the searing school wars of 2010-11 and under the regime of Council Leader Dick Walsh, who represents Dunoon Continue reading

Silly sally into foreign affairs makes Scottish Government look hicksville

Making a misguided attempt to play in a league well above its performance rating, the Scottish Government swelled Continue reading

Another change of speaker in Oban’s debate on independence tomorrow

Councillor Duncan MacIntyre has withdrawn from speaking for the union at tomorrow’s [7th February] Continue reading

CalMac’s MV Lord of the Isles back in service tomorrow evening

CalMac are expecting the MV Lord of the Isles to return to service tomorrow evening – Continue reading

Single handed probe into First Minister’s observance of the ministerial code

When the team was announced to adjudicate on the First Minister’s self referred Continue reading