Good hearted proposal for fans ‘right to buy’ football clubs highlights core problem for such buy outs

On Wednesday 18th March, Green MSP Alison Johnstone, succeeded in having a package of amendments to the Continue reading

Green MSP drives fans’ legal ‘right to buy’ football clubs

Alison Johnstone MSP has lodged two amendments to the Community Empowerment Bill that would add Continue reading

Has Sturgeon ‘red line’ forced MoD evaluation of Pembrokeshire as Trident submarine base?

The Scottish Daily Mail has today run a story that the Ministry of Defence is examining the viability of Milford Haven Continue reading

Too green to stand – no General Election candidate for Argyll and Bute

Was there ever a party so supine, so voluntarily subservient, so thoughtlessly self mutilating as what one can only call Continue reading

The General Election merry-go-round with the Union and oil frontline drivers in Scotland

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Labour go for Murphy and Dugdale – now for the political Himalayas

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Colonialism rules as erstwhile SNP indy partners are shown their place

During the Primaries for the American Presidential election of 1988, the Reverend Jesse Jackson ran a highly successful campaign Continue reading

Compromised Greens ask questions of Scottish Government on future of wave energy industry

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Challenge to the Scottish Greens over support for indy

The credibility of the Scottish Greens is under increasing pressure as the genuine fragility of the prospectus Continue reading

SNP Spring Conference in 80th birthday week – but with unfortunate slogan and Argyll business on the side

The SNP’s annual Spring Conference is in Aberdeen at the end of this week, on 11th and 12th April. Continue reading