Time to stop to think – as the cult sweeps into Campbeltown

For Argyll has warned for some time that Scotland is being led to becoming a one-party state, a condition which can only alarm Continue reading

Date change for economic summit in Dunoon rules Russell out – again

Local MSP, the SNPs Michael Russell has been impeded for the second time in taking part in the Economic Summit Continue reading

Indy: For Argyll live online to the result – with Gordon Harmer from Shetland

ballot box copy

Apart from the overall result of the independence referendum tomorrow morning, the places to watch are Shetland Continue reading

Indy: NATO, oil and the Northern Isles – a once in a lifetime opportunity

[23.00 update below - this issue is moving, Guardian article this evening] Arguably the most intriguing scenario in the independence referendum lies in the far north – Continue reading

Privatisation: Scottish Government binned its own ferry company in favour of Serco

The political opportunism of the Scottish Government’s sudden championing of nationalisation is best shown by examining its own practice. Continue reading

Indy: the constitutional options of the Northern and Western Isles – and other regions

[Revised 11.45] In an article on this page, Andrew Argyle raises the issue of Shetland at least and possibly the Northern Isles Continue reading

Andrew Argyle: Scots turkeys vote for Christmas

As far as Scottish independence is concerned, we are unable to ‘try before we buy’. However, it behoves us, at least, Continue reading

Sturgeon hits the floating voter in a Q&A session to Shetland on MV Hrossey

Nicola Sturgeon is hitting floating voters in the Independence Referendum in a Question & Answer session this evening, Continue reading

19th September and after

Alex Bell, Alex Salmond’s  former Head of Policy, has recently said that the SNP’s planned response if it lost Continue reading

Rail Union calls on Scottish Government to act as SERCO’s troubles threaten future of Caledonian Sleeper

The Rail Union RMT today, 22nd August, wrote to Scotland’s Transport Minister, Keith Brown, calling for his urgent Continue reading