The dash from full fiscal autonomy and the biteback of the ‘no detriment’ principle

The SNP Scottish Government has spent the time since indyref 1 repeatedly calling for ‘full fiscal autonomy’. Continue reading

As latest polls show new SNP leads, what is NOT in manifesto highlights a lost epic opportunity

Today, 21st April, the latest You Gov poll shows the SNP at 49% and Labour at 25%. Yesterday, two constituency polls Continue reading

Syriza, one seat short of overall majority, now talisman for the Scot Nats

Tonight the radical left-wing party, Syriza, in a 95% turnout, has won the election in Greece with 36.5% of the vote – Continue reading

Bill Clinton ‘s case for Scotland to stay in the United Kingdom

Bill Clinton, arguably America’s internationally best liked president of recent times and a politician who never became institionalised in office but stayed open to humanity, Continue reading

Protocol questions on United Kingdom opening talks on Scotland’s EU membership

After regularly repeating – untruthfully – that he had legal advice on Scotland’s membership of the European Union – Continue reading

Scottish severance negotiations: location, batting order, public information

If Scotland votes for independence on Thursday, it is is obvious that with eighteen months Continue reading

#indyref: 36 answers in 39 steps

Charles Dixon-Spain, one of the three founding energies of For Argyll, the Director whose skills keep it online and Continue reading

Salmond accepts pound not an ‘asset’ as Treasury reconfirms legal aceptance of national debt

In the face of increasing anxiety in the markets, Sir Nicholas MacPherson, the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, Continue reading

Indy, the banks and the Scottish economy

[Updated below 23.55 27th August] Without the Bank of England as lender of last resort, whatever the banks did in an independent Scotland – stay or go – Continue reading