Alexander sees Swinney borrowing commitment as acceptance of no sterling union

On 16th June 2014 Scotland’s Finance Secretary, John Swinney, committed to borrowing around £7 billion over the first three years Continue reading

‘No Borders’ campaign the first serious support for pro-union case

The most intelligent and persuasive case for the union is now being made in the newly launched ‘No Borders‘ campaign – Continue reading

Russell Bruce: EU warns London – every household £3,000 a year worse off if UK leaves

Speaking at the annual Mackenzie-Stuart Lecture at the University of Cambridge Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission Continue reading

NIESR paper looks at the fiscal challenges and opportunities for an independent Scotland

The independent National Institute of Economic and Social Research has just produced a series of six research papers Continue reading

Less a ‘debate’ more a screaming match for three

Watching the STV Scotland Tonight Referendum Special debate in process, with the ‘head to head’ Continue reading

Indy White Paper launch

Side by side white lecterns, soft pink underlighting, Alex and Nicola – everything Continue reading

White Paper sets date for independence as 24th March 2016

Those who know have continually insisted that an twenty month sprint from 18th September 2014 to Continue reading

Inheritance, birth, blood, guilt and currency: the shaping of multiple identities – a personal narrative

Perhaps it is the issue of currency that obliquely brings into focus the implicit meaning, Continue reading