Cumberland Avenue Helensburgh 8.30am this morning – in go council contractors under police escort

jcbs at cumberland avenue

Today the planning department of Argyll and Bute Council can stand justly proud of taking the correct action in defence Continue reading

Refining China 2014

Evidence not only of China’s authoritative position in the refining industry but of its increasing focus on environmental Continue reading

LIb Dem’s second misconduct embarrassment highlights serious parliamentary loophole

The very serious case of the type of sexual misconduct alleged to have been carried out by the Lib Dem’s Michael Hancock MP Continue reading

Pro-union campaign takes the celebrity route

The pro-independence campaign has majored on celebrity endorsements from the start of their campaign. Canny Scots Continue reading

Audit Scotland’s own credibility on the line in Castle Toward affair

Dr Christopher Mason is a credible witness. The Trustee and Director of Actual Reality is, as a historian, trained Continue reading

Scare stories and blatant puffs as pros and antis focus on an independent Scotland

[Update: Ohio image added] The pro-United Kingdom consensus needs to protest as much as anyone against ridiculous scare stories. Continue reading

Another currency scare move as Scottish Government accepts future monetary policy authority of Bank of England

Another day, another pawn moves on theĀ  board as SME foreign exchange specialist, Currencies Direct, enters the debate Continue reading

Council website out of date on current administration

As of 12.15 this afternoon, the Argyll and But Council website is showing the following Continue reading

Argyll and Bute Council: the serious stuff

On the agenda of tomorrow’s council meeting, 23rd May 2013, is a matter of real concern to Dunoon Continue reading