UK reform a must: but what reform for what future?

A quick situation analysis shows:

  • a Scotland where, either way, 50% of the population is holding the other 50% hostage; Continue reading

Oban’s economic future now in Oban’s hands: deadline Wednesday 15th April

This coming Wednesday, 15th April, Oban Lorn and the Isles Area Committee meets at 10.30am in the Corran Halls in Oban. Continue reading

Former Company Secretary concerned about viability of Oban Phoenix Cinema

The former Company Secretary of Oban Phoenix Cinema, a solicitor in Oban who also has a degree in accountancy, Continue reading

Salmond cuts loose again – Sturgeon nowhere in his Buzzfeed vision of the future

The ego has landed again, carelessly delivering  yet more collateral damage to Scotland’s new First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon’s Continue reading

Out-of-control Salmond sidelines Sturgeon

There ate two stories here – the political damage; and the sad reality of the individual psychodrama. Continue reading

Why would Gordon vote for yesterday’s man?

Alex Salmond has today, 7th December, made his pitch for election to represent the UK constituency of Gordon in Aberdeenshire Continue reading

Lamont standing down immediately as Scottish Labour Leader

The beleaguered Leader of the Scottish Labour group, Johann Lamont MSP, has made it known that she is standing down Continue reading

Tobermory community consulted on marine port plans

Tobermory Community Consultation 2014 (19) copy

Following the enviably go-ahead Tobermory Harbour Association’s development plans, around 50 local residents interested Continue reading

Indy: the constitutional options of the Northern and Western Isles – and other regions

[Revised 11.45] In an article on this page, Andrew Argyle raises the issue of Shetland at least and possibly the Northern Isles Continue reading

Issues of judgment in pro-union television advertisements and in those licensed to sign them off

Two feeble pro-union television advertisements have done the pro-union campaign no favours, with the worst the recent insulting presentation Continue reading