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Comment posted Voting by Simon.

Newsie – if as you say “When the SNP were minority partners in power, they were clearly asleep on watch.” Personally I think you are being very kind with your words – ‘incompotent’ and ‘way out of their depth’ might be a more apt description.

But even if we accepted your description why on earth would anyone vote for these serial somnambulists?? Those who were asleep back then (claiming their cllrs allowance) are all back standing again!

Simon also commented

  • Newsie – I’m not so obsessed with FA and the Council as you are – nor am I paid for my modest contributions !!!

    So I have neither the time, the staff, the records, nor the inclination to provide you with “a counter-list of substantial achievements”.

    However, if you are seriously looking for evidence of achievement – here is I think (and I know you do as well 😉 ) the evidence you are looking for.

    Tricky Dicky has had his budgets passed almost unanimously every year. The raging but incompetent opposition, the same people that who rail and thunder on here and in the print media meekly vote for Tricky’s budgets – WHY?? Simply because they have neither the skill, intelligence nor ability to come up with their own alternative.

    The Council has had to make millions of pounds of savings because of decisions made by the SNP Govt. It is a tribute to Dick Walsh and his administration that they have achieved these draconian cuts.

    I have to say that that I feel that your obsession with rural primary schools has blinded you to the extent that you are actually almost unable now to make a reasonable judgement about anything that happens in the Council without you going for their jugular. Your cause-celebre has so blinded you that you will gleefully print any rubbish that seems to either blacken the Council’s name or fits-in with your view of reality – often with “we hear…” or “we understand…” as the introduction.

    As I said elsewhere on here recently it was Clinton who said “it’s the economy stupid” So, to get back to your point – the only objective reality you can use to judge is how well the administration is doing – is to ask how are they doing with their economy? Even you would have to admit they’re doing that very well indeed. C’mon even the opposition, that talentless bunch of ‘loud but dim-dunderheids’ recognise this as they all tamely troop in behind to vote, again, for the Administration’s budget.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • I have to agree with the majority of posters on here (never been able to say that before) Almost anyone but the ineffective and fairly talentless snp. 🙂

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