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But probably not a gay female, American post …

Comment posted Current council coalition seeks to impose future political management by Dr Douglas McKenzie.

But probably not a gay female, American post graduate student in Damascus. For starters “Simon” is rarely mature.

Dr Douglas McKenzie also commented

  • Integrity and I are twins separated at birth and joined by a symbiotic mental link powered by entangled particles.

    Or perhaps it was just obvious.

  • I’d come (and would indeed only charge a modest amount)! “Simon” would need to wear a brown paper bag though (or perhaps more than one…).
  • Political yes but with a small “p”. What Integrity of course meant was that ARSN is not a party political group. I think the correct designation is that we are a pressure group (and seemingly quite good at pressure too!).
  • Crazy She-Vampire-Bat!

    Last days in the bunker moving the non-existent divisions around. Only four days now until the good guys tanks are parked on the castle lawn. I wonder if they will find any interesting skeletons in the ruins of the doomed Administration?

Recent comments by Dr Douglas McKenzie

  • Rustle with Russell
    More utter rubbish from Lynda Henderson. Have you actually spoken to Bob Allen? Whoever told you the story sold you a pup and in your arrogance you cannot admit to be wrong so you make up this story that he was persuaded not to resign.

    Your position is completely untenable.

  • Russell back in the bathtub, now trying to sink Keith Brown’s boat
    I’m afraid you condemn yourself by your own words. I don’t think that anyone reading what you have written here and the language you have used would conclude anything other than that you have a deep dislike for Mr Russell and that dislike is leading you to basically lose all sense of either proportion or impartiality. It doesn’t matter how well (or otherwise) you know Mr Russell you are clearly exercised by your interpretation of his actions and it is leading you well beyond the pale in what I would consider fair comment.

    This vendetta against Mr Russell and the SNP is destroying FA’s credibility and I have to confess that I’m seriously considering whether or not to continue reading FA (which will cheer Malcolm up if nothing else). I for one am becoming increasingly disenchanted by the constant negativity and sheer nastiness that has crept into this blog. I say that with a lot more sorrow than anger because I think that FA could have been great and indeed still could but there has to be a degree of balance, civility and indeed humour. All we are getting here is bile and it is causing me heartburn.

  • Russell back in the bathtub, now trying to sink Keith Brown’s boat
    To be honest, this post clearly shows that you are speaking from your personal dislike of Mr Russell rather than an unbiased analysis of the man. Phrases such as “publicity hungry coward” are well beyond what is reasonable comment.
  • Russell back in the bathtub, now trying to sink Keith Brown’s boat
    You don’t seem to understand the separation of a MSP’s duty to his or her constituency and their responsibilities as a Government Minister.

    Yet again, this is another instance where a member of the Government can do no right: speak up and be condemned as “desperate” or stay silent and be accused of not serving your constituents’ interests.

    It is just as well that Mr Russell has broad shoulders!

  • Atlantic Islands Centre for Luing: biggest investment in island’s history
    Well done Luing – an inspiration to all of Argyll’s communities.

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