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I wonder if the bribes will be on …

Comment posted on Question: How can we license fracking when we have permanent drought? by Malcolm Kirk

I wonder if the bribes will be on the same scale as wind farm bribes where there is so much profit they can offer huge cash inducements to communities to drop any planning objections. That is the really totally dishonest bit and best describes the word ‘bribe’. Moreover, the new power stations will be built on existing sites and therefore will not despoil our countryside And of course it leaves Scotland with a major problem should Mr Salmond have his way – 10% of the UK populations (ie us) will have to pay for the folly of renewables which already consist of 2000 turbines in Scotland and in a few years many many more costing billions and billions in subsidies – because the rest of the UK will be enjoying a constant energy supply from alternatives – not necessarily cheaper – but at least reliable. I think its already been said – this could bankrupt Scotland !

Malcolm Kirk also commented

  • Webcraft – 17.5% is pathetic for the enormous costs and debt created and of course the destruction of our landscape – and bear in mind at least half was probably generated at night when not required, and the turbines would have to be shut down – and then of course we probably ended up paying the poor owners millions to make up for their ‘supposedly’ lost earnings. Since when were wind turbines newcomers ? We’ve been paying through the nose for them for years.
    I suggest we end it there – after tomorrow we should have a new set of headlines to argue over !
  • Tim – read ‘Political Capital’ as well !
    Webcraft – I accept that in the later half of last year – being the windiest period in living memory – wind generation reached 31% (not 35% ) efficiency – but YOU have to accept by the same token that this year, it might only be 5%. In fact we dread another stormy year like last year as there will be few trees left standing and everything that isn’t already killed off in the garden by the salt spray and wind burn, won’t survive another year of the same. You also have to consider how much of that 31% was delivered overnight rather than when it was most needed i.e. during the working day. I’ll remind you again of the figures for 2 weeks ago for UK wind generation Mon – Fri : 8am – 8pm – Mon 3.35% Tues 3.95% Wed 0.9% Thurs 0.77% Fri 0.77%. And that could be any one of many weeks recently. I will also give you that many wind farms are not yet included in the generation figures – but even if the output was doubled – the figures would still be pathetic and of little use to an industrialised nation.
  • Wave power works, wind power works, algal biodiesel works, tidal power works, the old cooking oil we had as waste from our restaurant kitchen – worked : they may all work, but their inability to supply more than a token gesture towards the power needs of our country – is fact. The people defending renewables are understandably the people making the money out of it.
  • So it is 20 or so years since the Mrs Thatcher’s era, and we still have no useful wave generators, and yet you blame it on her ? ? ? What will we be saying about YOUR research and expenditure in 20 years time ? Huge success – OR NOT and who should we then be blaming ?
    I agree with Robert above – it will be interesting to see how the Sound of Islay tidal generators work out. I am all for R & D and accept the considerable costs to the Taxpayer – but there has to come a time when it’s understood that enough is enough and we have to move on. I suspect that from most new R & D projects that prove to be uneconomical or impractical, there is a spin off that can be taken forward in a new potentially more successful direction.
  • Dr Douglas – you are again not quite being straight forward – same survey, you are right – large proportion supported renewables but what I quoted was correct – only 17% supported wind farms. Most of the public are totally unaware of the legacy they will reap from supporting renewables. Incidentally, just watched an article at ten past seven this evening on the ‘One Show’ on BBC 1 which is a programme I always find reasonably entertaining. An item by of all people – Janet Street Porter – on wind farms was enlightening – have a look on iplayer. But Dr Douglas I must also make this point about wave power – I once sailed the West Coast for a week with a charming and learned Professor from Edinburgh University who’s sole interest at that time was to develop wave power – ( Nodding Donkeys I think ). That was 27 years ago – and yet still with all the investment, grants, and subsidies over all that time we still don’t have an efficient working power supply from wave power. Does that not say something about renewables ? ? ?
    I think Webcraft and his ilk are totally panicked.

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I don’t withdraw ‘ shear arrogance’ Robert. When the people at ForArgyll actively encouraged so many members of the public to join in open debate online, you don’t just close it down virtually without explanation, and yes, without an Editor it is closed down. Whether there is some advertising income from the little that still exists could be the reason it has not shut totally. The attitude reminds me of a landowner who treats his tenants in the same manner – “Its mine, all mine,so I will do as I want – you don’t matter”.
    PS. Was there any public money subsidising ForArgyll ?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Wouldn’t we all Bob. To me it was shear arrogance for all those involved in producing ForArgyll to walk out without a full explanation to those of us who had contributed to making it what it was over the years.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Just been revealed that 8 of the top ten travel expenses claims, have been from SNP MPs – and Mhairi Black is not even one of them this time with her £350 single flight costs from London City Airport. These 8 have cost £239,366 MORE, repeat MORE, than the MPs who held the seat before them. These are the people ScotsRenewables touches his forelock to. Come back LINDA – we desperately need your input again.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Is this site being kept alive so that Charles can get some income from the adverts ? ?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I wonder how many SNP MSPs there would be if the thumbs up/thumbs down figures applied to Salmon’s posts were reflected at Holyrood. The figures of course posted by real people not the SNP drones who have filled the top half of this page as instructed by their desperate mistress Sturgeon.

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