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And now WS puts forward one of the …

Comment posted on Question: How can we license fracking when we have permanent drought? by Webcraft

And now WS puts forward one of the denialist movement’s greatest lies – their favourite one in fact , but one that is easily refuted. IN fact, when you look at the evidence this claim really is an insult to peoples’ intelligence.

For a very simple and graphic illustration of how climate change deniers attempt to push this lie under the radar of peoples’ common sense, take a look at this:

Going Down the Up Escalator, Part 1

(You don’t even need to read the article if you haven’t got time – the animated graphic says it all really. If you are seriously giving any credence to WS’s claim that global warming has stopped I urge you to click the link and take another look at the so-called ‘evidence’ deniers put forward to ‘support’ this utterly false statement).

Of course, if you have already decided that the majority of the world’s climate scientists are wrong and WS – whoever he is – knows better, then forget it, no amount of facts will change your mind

Webcraft also commented

  • Renewables generated 35% of Scotland’s electricity demand last year.

    Wind accounted for just over half this. The rest came largely from hydro, but some also came from solar and biomass.

    When you consider the huge changes the coming of the hydro made to the Scottish landscape and the time it took to build the schemes the fact that wind has surpassed it already is quite impressive.

  • Malcolm, tell me more about wind turbines being shut down at night please. I think you are just making this up as you go along.
  • Malcolm,

    The 35% figure I mentioned does not refer the capacity factor of wind in Scotland in 2011. I am talking about the total amount of electricity generated and fact that the equivalent of 35% of all electricity used in Scotland was generated by renewable sources last year.

    Renewable electricity generation in 2011 was a record high at 13,750 GWh. Of this 7,049 GWh (over half) was wind. Wind therefore generated the equivalent of over 17.5% of Scotland’s electricity demand last year.

    I don’t regard 17.5% as too shabby for a newcomer to the generating mix, do you?

  • ‘Token gesture’ huh?

    Scotland generated the equivalent of 35% of domestic electricity demand from renewables last year Malcolm.

    I have no commercial interest in renewable energy by the way, I just have an interest in new technologies and in the world my grandchildren are going to live in.

  • ‘There comes a time when enough is enough and we have to move on’

    But what you are proposing is not moving on, it is standing still. You are like the people who opposed the railways or enacted the Red Flag laws for early automobiles, standing foursquare in the path of progress.

    My ilk are for progress, Malcolm. You and your ilk are for a (very) short term benefit to your own pocket at the expense of future generations.

    As for panicking, I believe it is you and your fellow sufferers from turbophobia that are panicking with the realisation that onshore wind will achieve grid parity in four years time or less. The whole denier thing is unravelling.

    Renewable energy is here to stay, wind, wave and tidal. Live with it.

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