Malcolm, you don’t seem to have read my …

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Malcolm, you don’t seem to have read my post correctly.

What I said was that wind turbines have done Ardrossan no harm as a yachting base. I further said that I did not believe the turbines above Puilladobhrain – if they are ever built – would stop people using the anchorage.

Let’s face it, lots of yachts – ours included – have their own wind turbine on board.

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  • Russell admits vehicle element of former Dunoon ferry was indeed publicly funded
    A threnody is a song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.

    Quite appropriate. The promise that was the original ForArgyll is indeed quite dead.

    I think I will stick to the Cowal Courier from now on. That’s a proper news site that seems to have your measure.

    Toodle pip!

  • Russell admits vehicle element of former Dunoon ferry was indeed publicly funded
    Oh do cheer up Newsroom! The hybrid ferries are non-military ships being built on the Clyde. Surely something to cheer about?

    Re. your concerns about staff training – I think you will find that staff require retraining whenever a new vessel is brought into service . . . each boat is different.

    And please do stop all this ‘we hear rumours’ rubbish. No-one believes you. Come up with facts and their sources like a real journalist or stop smearing doom and gloom. Less fuel is less fuel. And the new ferries are also designed to have lower maintenance costs.

    Now, here’s some more potential good news on the ship technology front for Scotland . . . CMAL has been commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for Scottish Enterprise to evaluate the technical and commercial possibilities of using hydrogen fuel cells to power zero emission ferries. If this goes ahead it could put Scotland at the forefront of another new technology, with the consequent design, development and manufacturing of hybrid engines being located here. Great news – though I expect ForArgyll will want to talk it down.

  • New Mobile Theme for
    The mobile version isn’t triggered by my iPad, which is a good thing – but it does come up in an iPhone emulator I tried.

    Strangely enough specific mobile versions of websites (as opposed to apps – which are here to stay) may be a relatively short-lived phenomenon. As bandwidth on phones increases dramatically and most displays become HD 1024 pixels wide or more so standard websites become more and more useable. I don’t come across many that don’t display well on the iPad.

    A mobile version was far more essential on older 320 pixel devices like Nokias, but these will die out. The non-mobile version of this site (for example) is quite useable on a new smartphone once it is rotated horizontally.

    Apps that do specific things on mobile devices are another matter – they are definitly here to stay. And for blog sites like this the mobile version definitley increases useability (but see below).

    Some feedback – I couldn’t view the comments on the mobile version, but I was using an emulator rather than an actual smartphone. Can other people view and post comments OK on the new mobile site using an iPhone or Andriod phone?

  • Clyde shipyards at risk – news by year end
    Just testing the comments function on the mobile version of the site.

    (Using an online iPhone emulator)

  • Scottish Conservatives underline common ownership of Saltire
    It is Scottish Labour that really needs to up its game dramatically if it wants to keep a credible presense in Holyrood in the 2016 election. What Ruthie and the Scottish Conservative Party do is of little relevance.

    According to Newsnet Scotland a recent poll shows Westminster voting intentions in Scotland as:

    SNP 39%
    Labour 33%
    Conservative 16%
    LibDem 6%
    Others 7%

    If this doesn’t ring alarm bells for Labour nothing will.

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14 Responses to Malcolm, you don’t seem to have read my …

  1. All very commendable but a touch of the old ‘rose tinted spectacles’. Having been in the sailing business on Scotland’s West Coast for almost 20 years and having brought several thousand pleasure sailors here to enjoy its spectacular and world renown sailing waters,I have to point out that due to the industrialisation of these waters, those visitors will fast disappear. You refer to ‘a water corridor’ between mainland and islands, our marinas,our sailing grounds being so attractive, but soon you will have to use the past tense. Craobh Marina is threatened with massive turbines being built on the adjacent hills, Puilladobhrain,probably the most used and popular anchorage in Scotland, is close to having turbines immediately above. All of these will be seen for miles and miles offshore. And of course we have the biggest travesty possible – the Tiree Array – and it won’t stop there. The size of turbines being proposed now means there will be no hiding place as they spread further and further North. If you are not up to date on what is coming please take a look at this short video.

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  2. Argyll Adventure a local twenty year old veteran of the tourism industry, one of only two four star visitor attractions in the area and currently rated as the number one visitor attraction in the area on trip advisor. It was not invited to the event. It beggars belief that this new tourism organisation standing on a platform of pulling together the fragmented industry does not even have a complete email address list of the top attractions in the area or choose to exclude the input of such a mature business that has been very active in marketing of Argyll as a visitor destination.

    Given my opening statement many will be reading the above report with scepticism and wondering if is this is yet another black hole for ringed fenced public money. We have all read the “For Argyll”, ABC stories, the budget fiasco, the school fiasco and now the spy account fiasco and wonder if this sudden interest in the tourism industry all be it via the tourism partnership is a welcome development. Visit Scotland for all its faults is a horse of one colour with an element of a track record. Tourism has been major employer in Argyll for many a decade. The councils track record however is interesting at best and only recently got round to appointing a councillor with a tourism briefing. With the elections looming you have to wonder if this is, too little, too late.

    A new umbrella but what’s really different? The local tourism industry does have real challenges which saw its market share decline last year when Glasgow and Edinburgh grew. Also a new extensive Visit Scotland visitor survey conducted last year in Argyll showed that the majority of visitors that visited Argyll did so for the scenery. So comments like Malcolm’s above on the impact of badly sited wind turbines (in his opinion) and the campaign for the improvements of the A83 are arguably were real step change could be achieved. A group speaking for all the industry, lobbying on the big issues at council and government levels would be a formidable force for change indeed. But that is not what we have here. Some might argue it was a room of the faithful and the preaching was to the converted, and as my old mother say’s “If you do, what you have always done, you will get, what you have always got.”

    Also a united Argyll exhibition at Expo has already been done under James Fraser ALLIST, and this is nothing more than the re-hacking of former Visit Scotland initiatives that are felt to have been of use when someone else is footing the bill. The real test of this group will be after the public seed money runs out, will the united front continue and will it be able to self finance the marketing and deliver further visitors to Argyll?

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  3. @John Patrick was not the Inveraray Marketing Group involved? In any event we realised that not everyone would be able to make it, and not everyone would have received an invite (I didn’t for one) so we did the microblog on it which was a pretty good reflection of the day (we hope). The thing that surprised me was that you and I were both at the first event and neither of us received invites, and I wonder whether the people contracted to issue invites just got it wrong.

    On all the issues you raise, I think the sustainability issue is absolutely critical and will end up defining this initiative’s success or not.

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  4. Re. turbines

    Wind turbines haven’t done Ardrossan marina any harm. I will be surprised if – in the unlikely event of Clachan windfarm being consented – the turbines stop Puilladobhran being overcrowded most nights in the season.

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    • Taken directly from the NTA Website.

      Craic says:
      March 4, 2012 at 12:56 pm
      Webcraft. Will you be supporting your very own Clachan Turbine ? would you support say 50 turbines at Clachan ?


      Webcraft says:
      March 5, 2012 at 1:43 pm

      I am neither supporting nor opposing Clachan windfarm, though I hope I have been instrumental in facilitating discussion of the subject in the local community.

      There is nowhere 50 turbines could be erected on Clachan Farm, so the hypothetical situation you describe does not arise.

      Moderators comment : I think the hypothetical situation Craic was postulating was the basic contrast between what is being proposed at Clachan namely 11 small 77 m turbines in contrast to up to 300 /200m turbines off Tiree . The closest Tiree Array turbines ,if consented, will be, near as damn it ,as close as the proposed Clachan turbines would be to be S. Balvicar. And , in such a hypothetical situation the visual impact from even 11 Gherkin high structures on the Seil Island proximate community may amend your neutral perspective.

      Karl says:

      March 5, 2012 at 3:06 pm
      Walking the tight rope of subjective neutrality could be seen as rather hypocritical given your many past comments and general stance Webmaster.

      Objectively many folk oppose the placing of the Clachan wind power station for aesthetic reasons, myself included. But surely you if any. know if there will be many community benefits and jobs associated (?) with this rather minor (on a national basis) development…that should, given you stance, be supported ? it must be hard to be a ‘MIMBY’…a maybe in my back yard ?

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  5. Well! Well! Do I detect a slightly negative attitude from Webcraft to wind turbines.Could this be something to do with the Clachan proposals being on his own doorstep ? He also does not understand that it is the boat owners in places like Ardrossan who desperately need to get away from it all to places like Puilladobhran, where they have peace and quiet.That’s why they bought the boat in the first place !

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    • Malcolm, you don’t seem to have read my post correctly.

      What I said was that wind turbines have done Ardrossan no harm as a yachting base. I further said that I did not believe the turbines above Puilladobhrain – if they are ever built – would stop people using the anchorage.

      Let’s face it, lots of yachts – ours included – have their own wind turbine on board.

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  6. As one of the Organisers of the Portavadie Summit I can only apologise to anyone that didnt get an invite this year.

    I realised late on that several key folks who attended the first summit in Oban had been missed out due to a problem in deduplicting the lists. As For Argyll already know, I was still calling people up and checking if the invites had arrived at 11 pm on the day before the summit.

    We did get representatives from Inverary Marketing group, who are looked after on our board by Gavin Dick, but I am very sorry if we missed anyone out….we want to include everyone.

    MIke Story
    Argyll and the Isles Tourism

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  7. i love the fact that tourism is on the ‘up and up’ , we do live in a stunning part of the world, but the fuel duty reduction is a joke, how are we supposed to attract visitors if they take the 5p off one day then put it back on over the next 2, how on earth is that going to help?

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