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I think there are others as well as …

Comment posted Devo Plus: enter the Trojan Horse by Robert Wakeham.

I think there are others as well as Alex playing this game.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • And while we’re on the subject, an SNP (opposition) councillor working for an SNP parliamentarian is hardly a conflict of interest, and to suggest that journalists are by definition dishonest is rubbish.
    I’m beginning to wonder if ‘Kat’s Komments’ is not so much a cynical, strongly opinionated observer of the world around them – or even a ranting crackpot – as a ‘construct’ by someone just in it for the stirring.
  • Is it that unusual for a local councillor to also have a job in central government with their political party? I’m more intrigued by politicians who are elected to more than one government, and then apparently juggle their time between the two.
  • Try googling work.will.
  • If you’re so sure it’s a fact, then please identify the source – properly – otherwise it’s nonsense.
  • I agree – people who present unbelievable statistics as facts don’t have any credibility and wind up damaging their own cause.

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