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“And then I was trying to figure out …

Comment posted Devo Plus: enter the Trojan Horse by Kats Komments.

“And then I was trying to figure out why all the extra money I was supposed to have compared to the English hadn’t appeared in my purse”
For Crazy She-Bat: No extra money in purse courtesy of the English I’m afraid, Alex has spent it all on free prescriptions, free personal home care and free university tuition to name but a few.
I was brought up to ‘cut your cloth accordingly’ and I’m amazed that Alex feels he can afford to throw money away like this and yet basic requirements like providing a proper road infrastructure in Scotland where everyone benefits, residents and tourists alike,(including the English who make up over half of the visitors to Scotland and prop up the tourism industry here) can travel safely without falling into a pothole, are completely ignored. Er…, fur coat and no knickers comes to mind here!
Standard answer from Holyrood: Westminister doesn’t give us enough money! What a load of tosh – Holyrood doesn’t know how to prioritise or distribute funds accordingly or how to spend wisely and prudently.
If the viscal experts can demonstrate beyond doubt that an independent Scotland is viable I’ll be voting a loud and resounding YES and then I’ll sit back and watch the gravy train run dry! There will be even less money in the pocket then and I can almost hear the squealing now – once the honeymoon period is over and the in-fighting starts – Highlands & islands versus the central belt and the lowlands; east coast vs west coast, Glasgow vs Edinburgh, Shetland & Orkney vs the rest of Scotland. Very shortly folk will realise that actually being part of the Union wasn’t so bad after all and at least you had Westminister to kick against and blame for all life’s ills just like the rest of us in the UK.

Kats Komments also commented

  • I don’t know Robert, is it?

    Are you referring to Alex?

  • Webcraft – thank you for your maths lesson.

    You are quite right 85p is 8.5 times more than my original comment of “….probably less than 10 pence per hour…” and again will write a note to myself to try harder to be more precise in future 🙂 It would appear that my profits were slightly more last year than the previous year – my accounts have yet to be submitted for this year so fingers crossed I may even achieve minimum wage at some point! Woo hoo 🙂

    Quote from Webcraft: “I’m sure you’ve been told a billion times about exaggerating . . .”
    Billion? Exaggerating? Who? Me?

    You have also missed the point about the figures I gave in my post – I was responding to the assumption that was being made by another poster that I was wealthy enough to survive what was described as ‘ this fiscal and social Armageddon’. I had hoped that the figures I gave would show that this was not the case. How 85p an hour over 10p an hour makes much difference is beyond me, but I take your point about accuracy. As much as keeping an eye on the detail is important, having sight of the bigger picture is as equally as important.

    Having read your recent previous posts and comments on this website, my interpretation of them would be they always appear to be negative and one can only reasonably assume that you live ‘by the half empty glass’ method rather than the ‘half full glass’.

    Each to their own I suppose, but it must be exhausting!

  • Neil – is this the same Louise Lee (former journalist at The Oban Times), elected SNP councillor for Argyll & Bute Councillor and now in a PAID position to support Mike Russell in the Scottish Executive?

    How does that hold with her duty as a councillor when Mr. Russell is in conflict with A&B Council over policy and financial matters?

    The words ‘journalist’ and ‘pretty straight’ in the same sentence = oxymoron! And this with ‘Spygate’ still simmering away how are the electorate ever supposed to take their local councillors and national politicians seriously or even believe a word they say!

  • Thank you – I was beginnig to feel like a lone voice out there 🙂
  • Hello Ann – thanks for your comments.

    I work like I do because I have to, so that I can provide a roof over our heads, put food on the table and pay the bills. Unfortunately the European Working Time Directive doesn’t limit the hours of the self-employed to 40 hours (or is it 36?), as much as I would like it to. Should the situation arise where I am unable to work as I do, then yes it would not be unreasonable to hope or expect that I would be able to apply for some financial assistance from a society(?) I have contributed to since I was 18 years old.

    You are right, students are walking away with debt but if my understanding is correct (and someone please do correct me if I am wrong), the debt is only ever repaid once the student is employed and earning a minimum salary level of £16,000+ (wish I didn’t have to pay mine off until I was earning this amount!); the debt is also repaid at a very low interest rate (wish my debts were!) and after a certain number of years if the debt has not been re-paid, it is written off altogether! (Wish my debts could be too!) I reckon that is a pretty good deal for students who already have their tuition fees paid for.

    “Chemists piling up hundreds of unclaimed prescriptions…….” – well if there was ever an example to demonstrate that giving something away for free is a complete waste of money then this has to be it. If you pay for your prescriptions (however small the amount maybe) then you will make the effort to collect them or have them delivered to you. In my experience there is never any value or respect attached to goods/products that are given away for free! Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows this. And if this statement is correct then my concern is not that people are not accessing the proper treatment for their ailments but that the NHS is prescribing drugs unnecessarily and the patient clearly doesn’t need the prescription to start with! The responsibility for ones health lies with the individual and I bet if folk had to pay for the subsequent healthcare they would make sure they received their prescriptions.

    I wonder if people would take better care of themselves if the NHS wasn’t free! Now that’s got to be a vote winner 🙂

Recent comments by Kats Komments

  • Argyll and the Isles hits warp speed
    Behind you all the way Mike – just sorry I couldn’t be there on the day. Something called work got in the way 🙂
  • Argyll and the Isles hits warp speed
    JimB – a few minimum wage jobs is better than no jobs and as a significant £40 million of tourism revenue was spent in the Argyll & Isles in 2010 then I suggest you stop turning your nose up at it.

    Negative thinking and pessimistic approach will never produce good results – that’s the second part of the Thought for Today 🙂

  • Argyll and the Isles hits warp speed
    Argyll & Bute Council is run primarily by elected councillors voted in by members of the public along with appointed council officials (allegedly employed because they were deemed to be the best person for the job!).

    I suspect (if past performance is anything to go by, and this is just my opinion),the majority of them have very little experience of running businesses or dealing with financial matters and council budgets. As they are spending other people’s money rather than their own – (in my experience this is usually the case when it comes to bad financial management), fiscal decisons are usually made based on where the votes are going to matter the most rather than where the money is actually needed!

    If the public are not happy with their councillors then don’t vote them in, otherwise a complacent public will always end up with the incompetent council they deserve.

    Positive thinking was not at fault or responsible for the current state of the North Connel airfield – it was to do with incompetent councillors and officials. Fortunately the Argyll & Isles STP is in the hands of businesses who have the interests of the economic survival of Argyll & the Isles at heart and do not need to worry about whose vote they maybe losing or whose toes they may be stepping on! Handbagging their efforts in such a negative way is neither helpful or productive.

    Positive attitudes are not ignorant – it’s what gets things done in a time of eternal navel gazing and procrastination.

  • Argyll and the Isles hits warp speed
    It’s a matter of opinion but at least there is now a brand logo for brand Argyll & the Isles.

    Onwards and upwards I say – you have to start somewhere, the fine tuning can always come later.

    Thought for Today: Positive Versus Negative
    Positive thinking and optimistic outlook will never produce bad results. Negative thinking and pessimistic approach will never produce good results. Positive thinkers will never fail. Negative thinkers will never succeed.

  • Argyll and the Isles hits warp speed
    Well done to everyone who attended yesterday and especially the committee of the Argyll & Isles Stategic Tourism Partnership for their ambition, vision and courage to take the bull by the horns and make something positive happen for the tourism industry in Argyll & the Isles.

    Thought for Today: Positive Versus Negative

    Positive thinking and optimistic outlook will never produce bad results. Negative thinking and pessimistic approach will never produce good results. Positive thinkers will never fail. Negative thinkers will never succeed.

    Keep the momentum going and good luck in all your endeavours.

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