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Comment posted on Devo Plus: enter the Trojan Horse by Webcraft

for every tax payers pound spent on each person in England at least six pounds are spent on each person in Scotland.

And YOU are calling for a ‘reality check’? Care to explain where you got this ludicrous figure from?

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  • KK,

    I think you will find looking back that unlike yourself I am quite upbeat about Scotland’s political future under the stewardship of the current government. I am negative about people who bandy wild ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ on public fora then refuse to back them up and choose to attack their critics instead.

    I would respectfully suggest that it is yourself that is somewhat negative about the Scots ability to stand on our own two feet with the suggestion that we take six times more from the public purse than our English counterparts.

    (I see you have still not retracted that bizarre claim made back in comment number 3 – there is an edit facility which will allow you to correct your error).

  • 85p per hour is 8.5 x the 10p an hour you originally claimed to be paid – an even bigger margin over reality than the £6 for every £1 that according to you is spent per head in Scotland.

    If you are going to throw figures around try to keep the inaccuracy under 200% and you might have more credibility.

  • KatsKomments, first you tell us that Scotland gets six times as much per head spent by Westminster compared to England, then you come out with the statement that you earn just 10p per hour. That is of course £11.20 for a 112 hour week.

    I’m sure you’ve been told a billion times about exaggerating . . .

  • All the SNP have ever said is that they want the voters and civic Scotland to feel free to discuss the possibility of a third option on the ballot paper, while consistently saying that a straight yes or no is their preferred option.

    Cynical commentators have interpreted this as a desire for a third ‘fallback’ option should the bid for independence fail. I think that once again they have underestimated the SNP. The party’s talk of a third option of the ballot paper is both honest and straightforward and at the very least a double bluff.

    A Devo+ option that is not on the ballot but is rather a vague promise for after we reject independence will play nicely into the SNP’s hands. We will get a straight yes/no with an unsavoury and poorly defined bribe to vote no.
    If Devo+ is a trojan horse then we should remember that it is not the horse that shoots the fox in a hunt, it is the rider. Lets see who gets up on Devo+ and manages to stay on – the opposition at Holyrood appears to be a bit short of good horsemen (or indeed judges of horseflesh) at this point in history.

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