Support the A83 Campaign

The Argyll First group of councillors are leading a campaign to bring Argyll’s arterial road, the A83 up to standard.

They are concerned with:

  • the lack of action to deal with closures through its susceptibility to landslides
  • the ‘pinch points’ that exist at Inveraray and between Lochgilphead and Tarbert
  • the lack of proper crossing points at the villages of Ardrishaig and Tarbert
  • the trunking of the road between Kennacraig and Campbeltown

They are asking all residents of Argyll and Bute and all users of this road wherever they live to email support for this campaign.

An article about the campaign is here:


In the interests of convenience for supporters and for the reach of the campaign, Argyll First has today (22 December 2011) set up an online petition whose results will be conveyed, with those of the entire campaign, to the Scottish Government in February 2012.

The A83 affects the lives and businesses of almost every resident of and visitor to Argyll.

Here is the link to the online petition. Please sign it now – for yourself and in the interests of Argyll – first.

13 Responses to Support the A83 Campaign

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  2. We travel this road on a regular basis to lochgoilhead. When slips occur and road is closed it is a lengthy detour with few petrol stations.This means a full tank of petrol is necessary.We recognise that the road must be a engineer’s nightmare Is it possible to upgrade the old road to allow one way traffic(controlled by lights) for cars or small vans.Alternatively upgrade the forestry road.These 2 could be combined to allow directional one way traffic.

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    • Once the council and traffic scotland have wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds on pointless meetings and surveys we may strike it lucky , they may admit they dont know what they are doing and get help from someone who does , until this country weeds out the idiots put in decision making positions we will all pay

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  4. Not enough is being done about this, I went to a meeting with Transport Scotland last Tues in Lochgoilhead and came out no wiser than I went in, only for the road to be closed less than 24hrs later, they still talking about studies, reports, advice from Austria, germany ect with a budget of £100K for this and a possible funding of £1m, would they not be better to spend this money on upgrading the forest road?? whilst I understand U cant defy nature not enough is being done and this has been an issue for years, well before the much publicised 400 tonne of 2007 & 1000 t of 2009, they are in process of procuring more netting to cover much of it, but this is really a short term solution (didnt really work at Stromeferry which is still closed since Dec)

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    • I thought that they were starting work immediately on improving the forestry road to act as a diversionary convoy route. I can’t help remembering the well-publicised comment of a Glasgow politician on the (now completed) ‘missing link’ between the M8 and the M74 on the south side of Glasgow – that it was being ‘studied to death’.
      The ‘possible funding’ of £1m is surely ridiculous, and while netting will catch larger rocks and boulders it won’t stop mudslides – and the sooner the design of whatever’s needed in the way of shelters and viaducts is completed and they’re constructed, the better.

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  5. It’s groundhog day! The mud and rocks slide down the hill when it rains, just to reassure the people of Argyll that;
    a) TS doesn’t care very much
    b) there’s no budget for a proper solution, but we’ll spend money on studies and talking about it anyway
    c) it will happen again in ~12 months time and everyone will go back to the start of their script and begin again…

    Come to think of it, Keith Brown does look a bit like a groundhog in a certain light. :)

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  6. We who live in Argyll and find ourselves having to commute long distances to work due to the lack of economic activity in the area, pay the same taxes as everyone else in the country and yet we have to put up with third world infrastructure in terms of roads, rail, ferries and broadband. Broadband especially is a sore point with exchanges like Inveraray not even being considered for upgrade under the new tranche of finance earmarked for rolling out better broadband in rural areas. How much was spent on the Scottish parliament? How much was spent on the new forth crossing? How much was spent on the M74 upgrade? How much was spent upgrading the rail link between Edinburgh and Glasgow (with more in planning) and how much is going to be spent on the M8 upgrade. When the central belt eventually gets its independence, we will have even less chance of any decent level of inward investment. The whole situation stinks and is making life in Argyll un-tenable as someone else eloquently put it earlier.

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    • It too me 4.5 hours to get to Glasgow last Sunday because of a landslide. It took me 4.5 hours to get back yesterday because I trashed a tyre on a pothole at the bend just before Loch Fyne Oysters. The garage man said they had 10 call outs for punctures in the last week. It is a disgrace.

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  7. surely all of you don`t want to live in a concrete jungle. you have cheap the price for living near mountains.the roads are fine… !!!

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