Culture in Argyll

Some Events of Art and Culture in Argyll and Scotland


Scotland is famous for its art and culture. This place has very rich heritages when it comes to the art and culture. Argyll, as one of the famous place in Scotland, also becomes the famous place to enjoy the beauty of nature and the heritages. Related to this, there will be some special events related to the arts and culture of Scotland in this September 2018. People can join and enjoy the event that will be held and opened for everyone who wants to come and participate.

The first event is Best of the West Festival. Some people may think that its title or name of the event may be a bit excessive. However, it is true that this will be best festival to have in Scotland. This festival will be the biggest boutique festival and there will be many things to enjoy. The festival itself will be held for three days. It is not only for the boutique, since there will also be musical art performances and there are two stages prepared for these performances. Then, there are also some stands of foods and drinks. It is also very possible to find some traditional foods of Argyll and Scotland for This event will be held starting from 7 September up to 9 September 2018.

Then, the second event is Mull Mod. This is also special event. This event is not boutique or musical art festival. This event is great to attend since it is the event where Gaelic language will be brought to life during the whole event. This event will show the songs and poetries written and performed in Gaelic language. People can attend to see the great language. There are also some quizzes and other events. People can also see this language used in daily conversation during the whole event. Surely, this can be great event to attend.


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