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The vernacular architecture in Argyll tends towards white …

Comment posted Council website not currently accepting planning objections by Mel Gibson.

The vernacular architecture in Argyll tends towards white or drab grey single storey boxes (largely of the McLeod variety in that area I believe), with some individual ‘flair’ such as the ubiquitous conservatory.
There is rarely anything being built that in 50 years time people will look at and say wow.
If someone has the cash and the imagination to build a faux castle, in a style that really will not spoil that particular landscape and amongst a complete mishmosh of house styles and types, then why the shrill objections?
No jealousy from me, I say good on them.
And as for Mr Wakeham’s PhD in Pedantry, the application is on the website with all the detail anyone needs.
And I think Mr Kennedy has mistaken me for a film actor.

Mel Gibson also commented

  • Planning applications are always a difficult and sensitive subject, having been at the sharp end from both sides in the past. There will always be someone who disagrees with another person’s idea of a dream home, and as we well know there are plenty of people who object to applications because they got there first and want to keep the area as they found it.
    I agree with you Robert that the damage from this proposal shouldn’t be a problem (and I apologise for my snippy pedant comments, the Rose is heady stuff in this heat) and might actually enhance the area, setting off Glenmore house and whatever happens to the steading.
    While I wouldn’t stoop so low as to criticise Mr Kennedy’s taste in house design, it does beg the question what is considered acceptable and what isn’t.
    Of course, we don’t want to return to the days of the blackhouse, so we should embrace house design, whether traditional, modern or ’70’s dream trip with a twist.
  • Pedant.

    And I said that Argyll was a mishmash of house styles and types.

  • Would the tone of Mr Kennedy’s objection suggest, perhaps, that he would be able to see the development from his own house at er….. the head of Loch Melfort?

    Just a thought.

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