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Robert , members of the SNP are in …

Comment posted Argyll First endorse Michael Breslin in Dunoon vote by Islay for ever.

Robert , members of the SNP are in it for one reason – they want to break up the United Kingdom .
Potholes and dog’s dirt , nuclear submarines and RAF bases etc etc are only issues to be used to attain a separate Scotland .

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  • Trying to justify your putting the SNP in power Councilor Freeman ? The fact is any grouping of Councillors could have formed a coalition . My complaint is that Donald Kelly , who stood as a Conservative and Unionist candidate has chosen to put the SNP in control , and urged electors in Dunoon to vote SNP . Take a look at what has happened in Aberdeenshire council as an example of a better outcome from a Unionist perspective .
  • I don’t know how you can seriously suggest Donald Kelly was “upfront” . Many of those who voted for Councillor Kelly did so because he was the Conservative and Unionist Candidate . The last thing Conservative and Unionist voters expect is for their candidate to cut deals with the separatist SNP , especially 2 years before a referendum on the future of the 305 year old union , and when there exists an (increasing in number) Conservative and Unionist group within Argyll & Bute Council .
    Councillor Kelly would do well to remember that no individual is bigger than the party , presumably he was afraid to stand without the Conservative and Unionist ticket. I am willing to wager that if Donald Kelly has to face a Conservative and Unionist candidate at the next election , his vote will reduce significantly , perhaps to an extent where he fails to be elected .
    The SNP have 13 councillors in Argyll and Bute , the opposition have 23 . For Donald Kelly to align himself with the one third of Councillors who are in politics to break up the United Kingdom and for him to urge voters in Dunoon to support the SNP candidate , suggests to me that he sees the Conservative and Unionist badge as merely one of convenience and he should be forced to choose , Money First or the Conservative Group .
  • News that Conservative and Unionist Councillor Donald Kelly is endorsing a SNP candidate , having earlier in the week propelled the SNP into administration in Argyll and Bute will result in his long overdue expulsion from the Party .

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