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Anne Gus? Is this the same person rejected …

Comment posted Dunoon Ward count and RESULT by Simon.

Anne Gus? Is this the same person rejected by the electorate in Kintyre? The ‘I will not answer difficult questions’ Anne?

Simon also commented

  • Naw, you were right the first time “doc”: it’s your imgination. 🙂 🙂
  • Now I DID notice that Gus.

    It seems pretty obvious that if he was ever selected then Dave McEwan Hill got trounced/disowned/banned/deselected or whatever.

    My guess though Gus is that whatewver the reason – like our Amatuer Anne – he won’t answer a straight question either. 😉

    Have a nice night people 😉

  • Gus “But Simon the nats have previously selected Dave as a candidate” – can hardly believe that!!

    Surely a man of his stature and ability must have been elected?

    Him and Anne whatshernamethingy as well, down yon way in Kintyre?????

    Shoe-ins both of them…. 🙂

  • Oh I know you won “doc” I saw the on-line lynch mob on here shortly afterwards demanding revenge and demanding heads.

    A new dawn? A new day? Pardon me erst I vomit…

  • You don’t half talk some keech Dave – oh ye of the gratutitous insult.

    So, how come the nats never selected you as a candidate?

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