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What a nasty set of comments about Donald …

Comment posted on Council Elections: The count by Catherine Gillies

What a nasty set of comments about Donald Melville. Whoever you are, please don’t ever stand for the council. We need positive people, not this sort of pointless sniping. Luckily Mellon will continue to do a lot for the community, and better luck next time. If he had put Duncan MacIntyre out we would have had a pretty good spread of people. Even so it is not at all bad around Oban, and I am really confident that it is going to be a better place to try and get things done in.

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  • Whoop whoop for Oban South and the Isles!!

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  • Restoration to original can be of questionable value
    Very interesting and thought provoking. We had a similar dilemma at Dunollie when we found two very early tartans, which had of course both faded over time. They went into production – or should that reproduction? – as a commercial venture to support the care of heritage at Dunollie. They were bright, but we could trace the original colours trapped inside seams, and they were REALLY bright! We took two seconds to decide to go with the original colours. All these tartans which are entitled ‘ancient’ or ‘hunting’ are just copies of old faded ones, not, as it often assumed, a result of old dyes being less bright. The first tartans were peacock bright, and the old vegetable dyes such as cochineal and indigo actually much more light tight than some of the new chemical ones. You can find the tartans on the shop website at, called ‘Heritage MacDougall’ and the ‘Dalriada’, which predated clan tartans and so is called for an area (of which Dunollie was the northern capital). They are selling well. But what would you have done?
  • Audit Scotland report on Argyll and Bute Council now available
    If you know my political affiliation than you are way ahead of me. I never vote the same way twice!
  • Audit Scotland report on Argyll and Bute Council now available
    Hardly!! You would need a thicker skin than I’ve got, and also have to prepared to compromise and wheeler-deal which I would be hopeless at. There would be no changing anything without joining the old guard. And they wouldn’t accept a mouthy woman – anathema!
  • Audit Scotland report on Argyll and Bute Council now available
    Various things have depressed me about this prolonged period of political upheaval, and this audit report simply rounds up the chaos which we can all see.

    Firstly we finally got rid of the old guard who had presided for so long over a static, old fashioned, narrow-minded and eternally mysogenist administration.

    Then we got a set of newbies, some of whom had good fire in their bellies, but not enough political ability to cope with the wrecking ball which a few of the old guard (who had honed their old boys club for a very long time)managed to continue to swing. Nor enough political ability to make anything stick though lord knows some tried.

    Now the old guard are back. We can look forward to A&B continuing to disappear into a dot on the dusty horizon in the national context.

    Never mind what the political affiliations were, this was only ever about petty power and personal gain from chairmanships of committees. People desperate to get back up the tree. Nothing whatsoever to do with the good of the communities in A&B, nor the future of this place.

    I am reminded of the Maggie Thatcher jibes about parish councils, and feel saddened that A&B isn’t even run as well as that. Personal fiefdoms, parochial powers, self-serving internal politicking, and so much ignorance – of how it should be, how it could be, and how we as the A&B communities would like it to be.

  • Labour announces formidable candidate for Argyll for 2015 General Election
    All of the above makes me feel that Mary Galbraith deserves a medal for standing for election in Argyll and Bute.

    Nil illegitimi carborundum.

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