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It could be that the problem is me …

Comment posted Council Elections: The count by Lowry.

It could be that the problem is me but I don’t think so. Too many other folk have witnessed what I have seen him do and heard him say. There’s loads of evidence.

Lowry also commented

  • Crikey! So previous history doesn’t count when putting oneself forward for election!

    Do leopards change their spots after an election?

  • Fair enough – if that’s what you think.
  • It also seems likely that Iain’s mother managed to vote for him this time. Well done Ma’am!
  • I doubt whether any of those who voted for him know him in the same light as I do.
  • I am delighted with the Oban North results, especially the fact that Melville was not elected. In my view, he should never have been selected in the first place.

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