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Ah, thanks. My brain stops working on Friday …

Comment posted on Council Elections: The count by Stephen Mackenzie

Ah, thanks. My brain stops working on Friday evening.

So looks like none of the four councillors returned got first-preference votes from more than 10% of the electorate. Hope they’re not going to go around claiming a huge mandate or anything.

Stephen Mackenzie also commented

  • Uff, that’s true. I wonder why people voted for her?
  • Just trying to do some amateur statistics on my (Helensburgh Central) ward’s results. The turnout was 45%… but I can’t find anywhere how big the electorate was! Anyone got any idea?
  • Cf. Morton’s re-election (and several others), not everyone pays attention to politics. Not everyone has children in school (in fact a lot of people do not) and won’t be aware of the issues there. Not everyone voted. Not everyone who voted will be fully informed as to what’s going on (God only knows I try and avoid local politics as much as possible) and will vote for people that “we” wouldn’t.

    All these things combine to produce what scientists refer to as “unexpected results”.

    Also known as democracy, with all its failures and foibles.

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