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Comment posted Islay’s quakes ripple on to Fair Isle by Peter.


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  1. Shortly after midnight on 1 Mar in SW Iceland there were two shocks, the largest being 4.7, which did some damage to property. Further shocks occurred over the next couple of days: some in N Iceland.

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  2. My neighbour said “the Earth is speaking to us”, but he confessed he didn’t know what it was saying.
    Earthquakes on Islay are perhaps related to the Highland Fault which comes down the Great Glen and a branch turns left and runs between the two halves of the island. But they were deep (9–10 km) whereas the one the same day at Arrochar, and there was another one there at 8.34 am today, were much shallower, only 1–2 km.
    By the way, the BGS website says the Fair Isle one was 9 km down not your 1.9 miles – or have you got conversion problems!!

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  3. It is a pity that the BGS do not show the depth in miles as well, then it would solve any arguments. For the record a kilometre is five eights of a mile or 0.625 of a mile. Therefore 8 kilometres equate to 5 miles.

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