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I take it that the obvious incompetence and …

Comment posted RIP Helensburgh town centre: Waitrose out of town location approved by Simoh.

I take it that the obvious incompetence and corruption (Dance) at play in this decision, combined with the rejection of professional planners advice, is not grounds for the Scottish Government to call it in?
That’s the only chance Helensburgh has now.

Simoh also commented

  • Your beloved Waitrose will put an end to them within a couple of years. Never mind, you can just go to the cafe there for your coffee instead.

Recent comments by Simoh

  • Kilcreggan Ferry website
    I take it you don’t use ferry services much.
    To those who do, there is a big difference between no sailings at all and a recommenced service from 4pm, that allows commuters to get home!
    Time will tell, but people on the Rosneath Peninsula are very concerned that this new vessel will not be reliable due to its lack of suitability for this route. The early signs are not good.
    It might be helpful if you were a little less dismissive of our concerns.
  • Kilcreggan Ferry website
    Rubbish. There was minimal swell after 4pm and the Seabus would have been back on. The fact is the toy boat these jokers have thrown at this route will not cope with the conditions nearly as well as the purpose build Seabus did and this lack of reliability will undermine the route further, playing straight into SPT’s hands.
  • Helensburgh retailers full of positivity – for town centre Waitrose
    So what you’ll be wanting then is a Waitrose in town on the pier so you can still use the local shops at the same time, surely? Everyone wins!
  • Helensburgh retailers full of positivity – for town centre Waitrose
    “We have been given reliably to understand that there is a particularly serious complaint from an unusual source lodged with Argyll and Bute Council against a councillor – a complaint that may have some bearing on this application.”
    Well done, once again, to For Argyll for trying to expose the real story behind this planning process. The people of Helensburgh are being deliberately and systematically manipulated by Waitrose, for its own profits, some councillors and the local paper, the Helensburgh Dancevertiser, whose coverage of this issue has been disgraceful. They even gave a platform to Dance, already embroiled in a conflict of interest situation over this, to rubbish the local traders in their most recent issue. Unbelievable.
    It is not only the traffic dangers that should motivate as many as possible to stand up to the corrupt vested interests in this situation.
  • Dance predicts planning go-ahead for Waitrose at Helensburgh’s Hermitage school
    Good thinking bat man. I mean She bat.
    I emailed them.

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