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I agree with Karen lets build it outside …

Comment posted Helensburgh retailers full of positivity – for town centre Waitrose by Tracey.

I agree with Karen lets build it outside Lomond School.

Tracey also commented

  • The HCC is full of the living dead. Have you ever been to one of their meetings.
  • GD I dont think too many lollipop ladies are around at break time.
  • I have two girls at the Hermitage and I am furious that their lives are being put at risk by building a supermarket outside their school. This will be a major arrraction to children and will eventually end with someones child being injured if not killed. Putting a development like this outside our Main school is an appualing planning decision.
  • I shop at Asda why cant we get Asda that clearly the vast majority of Helensburgh people would use. More importantly I have two girl’s at the Hermitage and I am furious their safety is being put at risk,when there are other options available. As to date there have been no children knocked down outside the Acadamey, but it will only be a matter of time before this happen’s. What will our Cllrs and Waitrose supporter’s have to say then !!! Lets build it outside Lomond School after all they are the parents that want it. Oh no might put their Childre’s live’s at risk that could’nt possibly be allowed.
  • Why do people want an out of Town Supermarket that will
    kill the town center. Its not fair to the retailer’s, who have served this town for year’s . Just look at the Buffet Shop.

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