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Funding for a new leisure centre for the …

Comment posted Helensburgh retailers full of positivity – for town centre Waitrose by James Robb.

Funding for a new leisure centre for the pier head and sea defences for the site were supported by all Helensburgh councillors and approved in the Council budget. This removed the previous nonsense of “no funding available for a decade”. This is a welcome change of heart from those in power. It also leads to the next stage for the pier head site now that the pressure to sell the site to “fund” the leisure facility has been removed. The town can now take a more reasonable amount of time to decide what it really wants on that site – leisure and recreation are promised plus retail? and/or residential? as shown in the extant masterplan. If Waitrose is approved mitigation coud be directed to this town centre site for further improvements. If Waitrose isn’t approved Council funding should be re-directed to ensure sympathetic improvements. This does not preclude any developer from putting in an application for a retail development.

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