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Peter eventually Cal/Mac were cheaper than WF for …

Comment posted Research reveals shock insights into reality of Dunoon ferry service provision by trigger.

Peter eventually Cal/Mac were cheaper than WF for vehicles.Still waiting for you to provide evidence of Neil Kay misinformation to the public,cat got your tongue or have you realised it’s mission impossible/

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  • On Cal/Mac bus passengers used to have to walk on and off the ferry via the gangplank while the bus boarded via the ramp.It used to be quite amusing watching a bunch of pensioners pushing there way to the front to be first on and off,so much for the good manners of the elderly.
  • To Robert Wakeman answering #17,you missed my point I was asking could there be some inappropriate financial agreement between WF and McGills over fares for McGills.To Peter Wade if you are going to have the audacity to try and accuse Neil Kay of misinforming the public you better be prepared to put your money where your mouth is and provide the evidence for that ridiculous accusation.Don’t see that happening to be honest.
  • Robert “downtown Dunoon” how very American of you but there again your views do seem the sort of thing an American Republican would have(that’s not good by the way).Can anyone tell me just how much McGills pay WF as it would be interesting to know how they make a profit on this run considering how many passengers seem to be students and senior citizens who of course get concession fares.Does WF run a loss leader to get the passenger traffic away from AF with the ulterior motive the Dunoon -Gourock being ceased.I do like a good conspiracy theory.

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