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Comment posted on More melt down in wind ‘industry’ as global giant Vestas hits serious debt burden by Malcolm Kirk

Newsroom – I am continually in awe of your ability to research and assimilate information and reissue it in such a clear and explicit manner.

Malcolm Kirk also commented

  • You have confirmed what I suggested above ie it may be that all sides can get something out of it. Been busy all day so have not actually read it in full but am happy to accept your summary. Cheers !
  • Have not had time to go through this in any detail but it is at least up to date – it maybe that all sides can get something out of it :-
  • Could you put a few £££ signs in your post Tim so that we can get an idea of the cost of upgrading the Grid over and above the £475 million per annum that wind farms are costing us at the moment. The amounts must be available on the net somewhere. Thanks.
  • Don’t totally agree there Karl – you and I and all the other ‘extremists’ have posted a lot of good/bad stuff on these forums over many months – I think ‘newsroom’ has been following it all, and as a professional journalist, has issued a clear resume above of current issues, and hopefully there will be more in the future. It’s the ease of reading that makes any article stand out.

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