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Marie. thank you.What a marvellous comment. I totally …

Comment posted Council issues prompt response on Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds clampdown by IanFraser.

Marie. thank you.What a marvellous comment. I totally agree with you. Takes a “woman of substance” to bring us all to our senses.
I can see you and She Bat being called up by Castle Greyskull, to join their employed team.They certainly need some new blood. How about Sneddon’s job. Looks like he may be on the skids.

IanFraser also commented

  • Morag, by our comments and contributions we are all trying to raise the level of political debate and focus the politicos on matters that concern everyday working people. There are many families out there struggling with the actions of our elected and unelected political masters. Believe me when i tell you that we do make a difference as these comments are read. This site is for reasoned debate, and discussion, not for personal attacks.
  • Robert, something that we actually agree on.Courageous words. Your paragraph 1 tells me that you are a man of some substance. I am stepping back on this one, as i see our work done. Maybe come across you somewhere else.
  • Magnus Mc Farlane Barrow and his team will make unbeleivable use of this windfall. I have witnessed first hand the despair and the hunger of Africa. Working “pro bono” in Africa many years ago opened my eyes to the corruption that accompanies such large donations. In this case i have no fears that the right people will get the windfall. I am not moved by your personal comments. I know my provenance, and satisfied that i am neither bitter, twisted, or even biased. I call it as i see it, and i see very clearly .
  • The majority of Law and politics students are free thinking intelligent individuals and are unlikely to be influenced by anything that i say. With respect you clearly are not opening you mind to the fact that SNP council leaders who are keen the climb the ladder of political success, could be influenced by their party mentors. Whether we like it or not the big boys have power over those who want a political career.McCuish left a career with Royal Mail for a political career on the basis of promises made to him. He can not go back.
  • Robert you have to break bread, and imbibe with the right people who sup with the right people to get this kind of information. Clearly you are wining and dining in the wrong circles. We all need to move on from this. This one is done and dusted .I think that Martha’s father has got what he wanted.Mc Cuish meeting with Martha is theatrical politics. Good PR with little substance.Again Mc Cuish is following instructions. We need high level structured debate, and decisions to move this on, otherwise all we are doing is airing a lot of words without a satisfactory end result.
    I am moving on from this one, i see our work as done unless the situation changes.

Recent comments by IanFraser

  • BAA flogs Dowager Duchess of Argyll’s lost jewellery
    The presumption is that the insurance company will now be paid back the money that it had to part with .Such a sad loss.
    Did i miss the government announcement of the second fools day of the year. Who carries 100k of jewellery around Glasgow airport, and takes it out of the bag to look at it. Amazing that the earrings and platinum diamond ring turned up as well. Too many questions to be asked on this one.????
  • Argyll and Bute Planning Applications for week ending 15th June 2012
    Brilliant. As we speak bunkers are being re- inforced,desks or desks are being cleared, and escape pods are being made ready.
  • New Council Leader’s unambiguous clarification on Dinnergate
    Will the person or persons responsible for placing the gagging order on this young lady please put his or her hands up, and then resign from AB. This is a disgraceful episode in what was supposed to be a new open council, shades of the old Mc Intyre regime. We need a full enquiry into this matter, and a review of all funding for childrens meals at school. Someone is making money , and children are not getting value for money.
    Lets clear this up and soon before there is a massive public backlash, and heads will roll.
  • Diving, the SS Breda and Ardmucknish Bay
    Very very sad loss. This unstable wreck needs to be closed off to divers for the foreseable future. Shifting tides, silt, unstable wreck, unstable machinery , tyres, this is an underwater confined space. Not suitable for entry. Consideration must be given to specialist underwater demolition, before any further lives are lost.At one time the wreck contained phials of mercury, and leather. these are no longer there. Close this dive site down.

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