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So, Ferryman, you’re remarkably fixated (that’s another way …

Comment posted Council issues prompt response on Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds clampdown by Robert Wakeham.

So, Ferryman, you’re remarkably fixated (that’s another way of saying ‘flogging a deceased equine’) on what you say is a silly issue, ‘as ultimately as leader of the council cllr Mc Cuish is responsible anyway’. I could almost believe that this is you constructing cover for the unwelcome news that just possibly Cllr McCuish really wasn’t consulted before the ban was issued.
I’ve yet to hear of a case where someone’s found guilty of something instigated by others clearly without his authority or knowledge. Except in places like Stalin’s Russia. He could well find himself responsible for damage limitation and having to ‘pick up the bits’ – but if his authorisation wasn’t obtained when it should have been, he’s not responsible for the affair, the perpetrator is.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • ‘reasoned debate’ – and you talk about ‘cheap stunts’, Prof, but won’t elaborate?
  • It’s the ‘cheap stunt’ remark that I’d like you to clarify, but you’re clearly a busy man. Hope the imbibing doesn’t colour your opinions too much.
  • Easy to assume someone of British professorial standing, but across the pond (and maybe elsewhere) it seems that the term is used as loosely as the description ‘city’.
  • So tell us how you know that ‘he was told to do that’, that the the SNP spin machine was responsible for the wording. Tell us what you consider to have been a ‘cheap stunt’, and why. No axe to grind? – come off it, IanFraser
  • Without trying to ‘whitewash’ the new council, it doesn’t look to me as if Roddy McCuish did fail his ‘baptism of fire’ – given his very recent ascendancy to the council leadership, his inheritance of both a damaged public relations office and some senior staff who might have been far too cosy with the ‘old guard’, and the fact that the affair blew up in his face just before the weekend. I think that this coming week might be a bigger test of the whole administration, albeit less in the public eye.

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