Secrets of Argyll You Need to Know


Argyll is one of those areas that you can find in Scotland. This place attracts a lot of attention because of the beauty. Yes, this place has a lot of nice and amazing views where you can simply enjoy the nature around. Yet, there are some secrets of Argyll that many people might have not realized before. Here are some of those that you can learn about the secrets of Argyll.

– The Coastline
Many people have learned that Argyll has a lot of small islands. It means the total coastline of Argyll is quite long. However, there are not many people who know that the length is totally stunning. Yes, if you want to take a comparison of its coastline, it is actually longer than the coastline in France. France is known for its famous beaches, but the coastline is no longer than the one that Argyll has.

– Secret James Bond Film
Many people have watched the From Russian with Love. Yes, this film was one of the biggest hits of James Bond, one of the best English agents. There is one secret that you need to know about this film. It is the fact that there was a scene where Bond was chased on the water. At the movie, they are in Yugoslavia. Yet, the real act was done here in Argyll, in Scotland. Both of them are in different parts of the world.

– The Finest Spots of Queen Victoria
The name of Queen Victoria has been known throughout the UK region, this one includes Scotland. There is one special thing about her. It is that Queen Victoria said that she found one of the finest spot where she can enjoy the beach in Scotland. It is Oban, one of the spot in Argyll. Even though it is just a statement, everything she said was like an order. That is why a lot of people were going to visit Oban soon after that.

– Paul McCartney Song about Argyll
Paul McCartney is one of the most famous musicians from UK. He bought a farm here in Argyll in 1966. Along with the farm, he also bought a peninsula. There are not many people who realized but when he was writing the Mull of Kintyre, it was actually a tribute for the things that he has in Argyll. You will notice it when you have listened to the lyric very carefully.